A Modern Fairytale

I was just her best friend. I didn't know it would go this far!


7. Hilton Hotel

July 8

I woke up bright and early to Skype Lydia. It took a while but I made it to her. Poor thing still looked wasted and just plain tired. Her brothers were still sleeping and I could hear them snoring in the backround. I saw their hotel room, and it was amazing compared to my rainbow room.

"How you doing girl? Looks like you're still a little tired. What happened after I left? I saw a bunch of screaming Directioners running your way."

"Uh. I'm very weak and tired after our little adventure. And yes we were mobbed by a bunch of screaming girls, again. By the way, I really do want to thank you for last night except when I threw up on the tourbus. It was the most I got out in two years!"

"I knew you would thank me someday! I had fun too! I wasn't even grounded too after my mother learned I had to nurse your brother. She always forgets everything when I start talking about medicine. Last night was great! Wait you threw up?!"

"Yes, on the bus. Now I have to ask, what did Harry talk about last night?"

I didn't answer right away because I was remembering my kiss with him. So sweet and tasty! Wait! What did he talk about? Oh yeah! The tickets I was suppose to pick up that day. I would get to see the both of them today!

"Hello? Are you still there or are you frozen?"

"He just told me about tickets he had for me and I should pick them up later."

She squeled like a little girl, "Yes!"

"Hey I got to get going if I'm getting there! See you later!"

"See ya, girlie!"

I looked at the clock and it said eight- thirty in the morning. I am never up that early in the middle of summer. I threw off my pajamas and put on a comfortable tee shirt and jean shorts. And for the first time I put on makeup for fun. I've only worn makeup on special occaisions so this was all new for me. Hey, I was meeting One Direction personally in an hour. Who ever gets this oppertunity? Only if you're best friends with the sister of One Direction. Yea!

Since there would probably be morning rush hour traffic like every other day I left 45 minutes early. That and I couldn't wait to get there. My mother knew where I was going because I told her about Harry last night. I was cleared with nothing stopping me. I popped in my 1D cd and partied all the way to downtown. As I went through the gateway to Heaven I got a lot of strange looks. I might have been jamming too much!

I arrived at the Hilton Hotel just in time. When I first asked for one of the employees to show me to the 1D suite, I had to go through a safety check with some unfriendly security guards. I am a 17 year old girl, yes, I'll shoot One Direction! After I was cleared the security gaurd from the airport was brought down to prove that I had been cleared to visit One Direction. Thankfully, he too forgave me for last night. Daae charm. In a frame of about 20 minutes I was finally being lead to where they were staying.

"You know the minute you took Lydia, it caused us and especially Zayn a lot of worry. I hope you learned your lesson and well."

I could only hold my head down and say, "Yes sir."

Not only having to be walking with the security guard, I also had to go up 20 floors on the elevator with him. I just stared at the ground the whole way up. The elevator music didn't help all that much especially when he was humming the tune. I will never live that down! After what felt like eternity, we finally made it to the twentieth floor. Thankfully their room was close.

"Now I have to ask, will it be dirty in there?"

"Messier than you could ever dream in a lifetime miss!"

"Oh great."

He opened the door and twirled his arms around showing me everything in the two story suite! I was a little annoyed. I have been in a hotel room before and I know what the television is. How old was that security guard? We kept walking around when I heard someone singing and someone else playing the guitar. I knew the one playing the guitar had to be Niall but who was singing? The security guard motioned to me to head upstairs with him to find what the sound was.

Upstairs was a huge bedroom able to hold ten beds! There was a small kitchen and game area with a surround sound recording area! These boys have everything! We continued walking to find Niall, Louis, and Liam on top of Harry and Zayn who were still sleeping. I could see Harry was awake but didn't want to get out of bed. Even with all the commotion the rest of them made, Zayn slept through it all! I stood there laughing when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"And what do I owe to be in the presence of a Daae? Girlie!"

It was Lydia, "Oh my god! It's Lydia Malik! I haven't seen you in forever, like an hour ago!"

We hugged until we couldn't breathe. Lydia led me over to the kitchen and gave me some orange juice which was delicious.  We watched the boys try to wake up Zayn but he still wouldn't budge. I was starting to get worried but Lydia reminded me that I too was a deep sleeper. Although that didn't help that much. Thankfully he woke up.

"So when I was walking back to my house I saw cars full of screaming girls heading toward you guys. How'd that go?"

"I told you before we were mobbed! Out of nowhere we hear screaming girls heading toward us like a herd of bulls. It scared the crap out of me! We had to carry Zayn on the bus and lock the doors and pull down the curtains. At one point those girls almost tipped the bus. Once I was sober enough I called the bobbies, I mean cops, and they got rid of them. We finally got to the hotel at 2:30 in the morning."

"I was up till three listening to my mother and father screaming at me about that night and the fact that our pluming was on the edge again. And they blamed me even though I wasn't there all night. They like blaming me since I'm the kid and I make mistakes not them! It sickens me how many times I go to bed crying. They just think I'm a dumb bitch or another mouth to feed."

"Wow. I'm sorry."

I nodded and tried to keep myself from tearing up but I failed and I started to cry. Lydia calmed me down to the best of her ability. I stopped just before the boys came over. My eyes were still red so I looked down at the ground.

"Hey sis! What's this I hear about a bitch?"

She hesitated at first but said, "Nothing it's about a girl at the dance last night. She was bad-mouthing us. No big deal. Huh Linda?"

I continued to stare at the ground nodding my head. Sadly Harry and Louis both noticed. They came over and sat down next to me and pulled my hair behind my ears and saw my eyes were red. It was embarrassing.  Harry was the first to question me.

"Hey Linda, what's wrong? Looks like you were crying."

I shook my head and continued to stare at the ground. It was getting hard not to cry. Harry was rubbing my back and humming One Thing. Louis took my  hair and pulled it back and rubbed the tears away with his thumb and hummed along with Harry. Harry asked again what was wrong. I finally let it all out and boy were they mad.

"What do you mean a bitch? You are one of a kind! Absolutely perfect!"

I sniffled and said thank you. Harry looked back at the rest of the band and gave them a wink. They all went to the other side of the room in a huddle. It was really odd because they would keep looking back at me. Lydia was hugging me when they came back. They circled us and Harry took a position in front of me, smiling like last night.

"Lydia was telling us about the places you took her to last night and we all agree that we were intrigued by the details. So we ask you, would you lead us on a tour of Pittsburgh?"

I was shocked! One Direction was asking a regular 17 year old girl to give them a tour of Pittsburgh. Lydia was still holding me but now she was shaking me, begging me to do it. I did.

"But you guys need disguises. Just do your hair differently and put on regular clothes. No designer stuff. People from Pittsburgh aren't that intelligent when it comes to recognizing people."

Harry answered with a smile. I knew we were going to have a fun day!

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