A Modern Fairytale

I was just her best friend. I didn't know it would go this far!


3. 'Ello

I starred at Lydia. She looked twice as scared.

"Lydia! Are you gonna explain yourself or what? Get your ass up here!"

Zayn had fire in his eyes. I was dead for a second. My butt was screwed. Lydia slowly walked up to the stage trying not to cry. I wanted to run out but I told myself 'no! She's your best friend. if she gets in trouble so will I. Maybe'

"I am so sorry Zayn! I never meant to hurt you in any way. I wanted to see Pittsburgh like"

Lydia stopped suddenly. I knew what she was going to say. She was going to say, "like Linda does everyday." Lydia was the greatest friend. Zayn was getting impatient. He kept swearing under his breath. As if wasn't bad enough, all those fan girls started booing and throwing food and wrappers at Lydia. I don't know why but I stayed back to see what would happen.

"Like what Lydia?" He grabbed her arm and yelled,"Who? Who!"

God was I scared. Again a force told me to stay back one more minute. This force made me feel terrible every second. At this point Lydia was balling her eyes out, choking out a few words every so often. The rest of the guys stood back because they knew it was their fight, not theirs. All except for Liam. He stood right behind Zayn having the saddest but angriest face I ever saw!

"Like... like... an American girl" she pulled her arm out of his and ran off the stage towards me but I backed away. The stupid force. Zayn ran after her again grabbing her arm but twice as hard. She sounded like a dying dog when she screamed out. Now Zayn's eyes were a wildfire and you couldn't see behind them. I felt a sense of freedom finally. That force was gone.

"You bastard! Let my friend go!" I never felt so powerful!

The crowd gasped in unison. From me defending my friend and I was wearing a pirate costume. Before I was showing her my costume for the costume ball at my school. The zipper got stuck so I wore it. Maybe I should have left the plastic sword at home because I was tackled so hard. Luckily I still had a little Female James Bond left in me and I squezed out.

"Like I said, let her go with me! She doesn't want to travel anymore. She wants to stay with me! Got it Brittish Boy?"

No one knew what to say. I stood there with a thousand eyes on me. Full of anger, I smacked Zayn and walked out with Lydia. I don't know if she was boozed up or she really was happy but she was laughing till she was crying in my car.

"Oh my god! Linda, thank you so much. I never seen my brother so angry before!"

Lydia started to curse a little. I thought I would never hear those words out of her little miss good girl mouth. I was trying to block her out and trying to think of what my parents would say when I'm thrown in Juvi. Telling Lydia to shut up I started the car and thats when I heard a few more screams.

"Lydia! Get back here!" All five boys were running toward us. I always wanted boys running after me but this was rediculous!

We looked at each other screaming! I wanted to go but we weren't. I paniced. I went through everything in my head that I learned about cars while Lydia was punching me in the head. It finally starts up when the boys were ten feet away. Turns out I had my foot on the brake! We sped away like one of those fancy car video games. Freedom was amazing.

Lydia held her head out the window yelling, " ello Pittsburgh! I have been waiting for you!"

I leaned out to yell, "1D won't ever get us! And... Hi Pitt! Long time no see!"

We laughed our heads off! We were driving around the North Shore when I saw the lights on at PNC Park. Bonus! We could go to the Pirates game! No trouble there. Before I pulled up, I asked Lydia if One Direction was performing there. She didn't know but I didn't see any security guards or screaming little farts, I mean girls.

The Pirates were having a winning season so it was a little crowded but we got nice seats high above third base. We both caught two foul balls both from Walker the minute we sat down! This night was turning for the better. I taught Lydia how to catch and eat a catch a ballpark frank. We also got some cute Pirate Parrot stuffed animals. The night was ending perfectly.

The Pirates beat the Cardnials five to three with two extra innings. I had one last surprise for Lydia. There is also a Pre-Prom event at my school so everyone can meet up with those they saw two hours ago. I at least wanted to go to that. Reluctantly, Lydia agreed and we got there the last half hour. She was in ripped jeans and a union jack shirt and I was in a pirate costume.

My favorite dance had to be the wop because we both purposly kept requesting it and twerking into people. Best night ever. That was until they played Gotta Be You as the slow dance. We pretended to be partners and dance. I noticed something was wrong because she was crying.

"This reminds me of my bastard brother!"

I hugged her until I heard screaming. To be exact, little girl screams. I fainted. Lydia and a few others grabbed me and pulled me into the bathroom where we hid in some stall. I was too tired to run again. Eventually Lydia would have to go back to her brother and I would be charged for kidnap.

I whispered, "Lydia, I'm done running from them. We will go up to them and we won't move our feet an inch! You got it Brittish?"

She started to argue but she heard I was tired and agreed. We walked out toward the gym. One Direction was on the stage. We finally pushed and shoved to the front right in front of them.

No backing down now.

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