My Werewolf Boyfriend

hannah~ a girl whos is very pretty and thinks not much of herself
Scott~ hottest boy in town
Derik~ Hates everyone


1. Hannahs PROV

"Mom, i look like a rat. i dont wanna go to school!"

"Dear you have to." of course i do mom. Cant i just go die in a hole? life sucks ya know what i mean? On the bus ride to school the boys all too pics of me. i guess im that gorgeous. i think im ugly as butt. when i get to school there is the new kid. he is so hot. he looks at me and i meet his gaze. i walk up and say" hello! Whats your name?"

Scotts Prov:

This girl walks up to me. she is so beautiful. she says to me" hello! what is your name?" i say " scott"

man that sounded way better in my head. o god. i feel my heart racing. i never get nervous around girls and i realize im drooling.

Hannahs prov:

EWWW. he is drooling over me nasty. i just fast walk away. darn it. now i feel bad. why did i walk away so quickly. o well first period i have social studies. man he is in my class. OMG. i sit next to him?! second period... hes in that too!! THIRD PERIOD AGAIN I SIT NEXT TO HIM! forth period i have math i sit anywhere in that class.i normally sit next to my friends. math is okay this year. last year it sucked. it was harder than this year so far anyway.


Sry the chapter is so short i had to go



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