Crystal Clear

First Movella!
This is a story about a boy who has no memory back from the day of his tenth birthday. He lives in the Green Isle, being experimented on by scientists, trying to find if he really is from the second demension. Is he a fae person? Or is he something else entirely?


1. Prologue

Crystal Clear



Crystal Clear

A clear, agitated voice bounced around the echoey room. "Just do something to that brat! Cut his wings, erase his memories, take him to the Green Isle!" the voice, cleary less angry now, said, "Yes, that will do perfectly. Guards!"

Two men appeared, grisly and muscled, with jagged blue wings. Long fangs stuck out from their lips. They snatched up a boy who seemed about 10, and hoisted his body onto their shoulders, one hand on two of his four white and blue-laced wings. 

"Take the thief and erase his memory, cut off his wings, and throw him to the Green Isle." the voice says calmly, seemingly oblivious he is sending a mere child to the land of the most dangerous creatures in the seven dimensions: the Land Crawlers. 

The guards smirk and carry him off. A figure steps out from behind a black box. His cloak, starry and black as the deepest recesses of night, conceals his body. The cloak falls back, and there is the face of the boy. The thief has come.

"Oh yes, I will come for you, brother."

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