Crystal Clear

First Movella!
This is a story about a boy who has no memory back from the day of his tenth birthday. He lives in the Green Isle, being experimented on by scientists, trying to find if he really is from the second demension. Is he a fae person? Or is he something else entirely?


3. Chapter 2


The girl came in the morning. They let me out of the cage and made me run, do tests, that sort of thing. The usual. Then I saw her. Her dirty blonde hair fell down in tiny curls, shimmering in the early morning sunlight.

A set of icy blue eyes stared back at me. I gasped when she daintily stepped out from behing the bush. She has wings. Real wings! They were practically see through, and they reflected a rainbow of colors in the light.

They put me back in my cage when the brain scanners sensed my excitement. And here I am. Lying here, eyes closed, is boring. I want my wings back. I want everything back. They took it from me. Whoever did that will be dead. I will come for him. Or her. Or anyone.

My shoulders start to twitch, like they always do when I'm angry. But this time it's worse. I erupt into spasms, like I'm having a seizure. How could I? Seizures only happened in the Old Ages, before humans had contact with any other dimensions.

I feel something, pushing at my skin on my shoulders. Wings... I will them to come. I groan. The pain gets worse. Suddenly, it stops. The spasms are gone, and I wail. No wings. Nothing.

I try to stand up, but I fall back down. My legs start to quiver. I seriously want to punch something right now. Staring hard at the bottom of my prison, I sulk. Why couldn't I be normal? Normal is peaceful and pristine, and my life is pretty much the opposite. The direct opposite.

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