Crystal Clear

First Movella!
This is a story about a boy who has no memory back from the day of his tenth birthday. He lives in the Green Isle, being experimented on by scientists, trying to find if he really is from the second demension. Is he a fae person? Or is he something else entirely?


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1:
I awaken from my slumber in a daze. Struggling to lift my head, I find myself tucked inside a clear glass tank. Of course. More tests. A doctor squats next to me, pushing a syringe to my side. I bite my lip in pain. They're only doing what they were told to do, I remind myself.

Cringing, I twist my stiff muscles, awakening them from my medicine-induced sleep. I sit up and let myself go to the visions. Pictures flash before my eyes, the same ones that I have been seeing for my entire stay in the Green Isle. Or at least that's what it used to be called. I don't know whose life it is, mine, the Keeper's, but the only thing I recognize is a picture of four wings, white with blue veins. I must be crazy. I couldn't be what they say I am, even though I do have some sizable lumps on my shoulder blades. 

They think I am Fae. If I were Fae, then why am I without wings? Without magic? Without any memories of my life before I was 10? I'm not Fae. I shouldn't be. 

The Dimensional Rift in our demension was closed ages ago. They would've had to create a new portal, and go through all six other Dimensional Rifts to get to the first dimension, which is where I am. The Fae existed in the Second Dimension. 

The second dimension civil war was why they closed our Dimensional Rift. They all killed each other, and there were no survivors. The Green Isle, the prison for all the alternate dimension's creatures, fugitives like rogue fae, trolls, goblins, and Skaye-Larnettes. There were only two Skayes, and only only one was caught and exterminated in the Green Isle. 

They were identical twins, and they were much like Fae, except they had four wings and were much more powerful. Apparently they lived with them, but I don't know. They only taught me the history I needed to survive.

I curl up in a tiny ball on the bottom of my prison, willing for some memory: anything, just something. After a few minutes, I relax. Nothing. Suddenly, I am flat on my back, arms and legs in an eagled position. Blackness takes over, and I try to scream.

A vision comes. An image of... me? No, it couldn't be. This person has the wings I always see, and a long, jagged scar etching a pattern in his face. After a few seconds, another image appears. It shows me, a ten-year-old me, being tossed over a shoulder and passed through.... a Dimensional Rift.


I sit up, breathing hard, rivulets of sweat dotting my face. My heart pounds as I realize what I just saw. I'm... a Skaye-Larnette?

Gripping my stomach, I try to puke. All that comes out are dry heaves. The apocalypse didn't occur, the Earth didn't explode, no, I'm still me. Just... it's different now. Completely different.

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