Life With One Direction

This is the story of 5 girls who meet One Direction. Want to find out more, then read the story.

Also this is my first story to write about one direction. so any good feed back would be greatly appreated.


1. going to meet and greet

Taylor's P.O.V.

Leslie and I were on our way to the meet and greet. Our friends were gonna meet us there. Soon the car stopped and turned off. I tried turning the ignition on but it wouldn't turn on. A couple of minutes later a bus stops behind us. A person gets out of the bus and walks over to my car. I roll down my window and there stands Niall Horon. He asks me what happened and why we weren't moving. I said that the car died and it won't start. He asks where we were going and i said to the meet and greet. He said to get out of the car. So Leslie and i get out, and follow Niall to the bus.

Niall's P.O.V.

As the girl opened the window i fell in love. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her friend was pretty as well. She has brunnett hair and hazel eyes. After i came out of my daze i asked the girl why her she wasn't moving and she said her car died. So i told her and her friend to get out and follow me to the bus. I realized that i didn't ask her what her name was. On our way to the bus I asked the girls what their names were. The blonde haired girl said her name was Taylor and her friends name was Leslie. When we got to the bus, the girls were amazed. We stepped on to the bus, Zayn looked at Leslie and he went into dazy town. I introduced the girls to the boys. The boys said hi and i told them that we were gonna take them with us to the meet and greet. Their car broke down.



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