Love Me.

Clearly, Sarika didn't know where she stood in life. One thing kept bringing her back to reality, her true passion. Dancing. When an opportunity she can't refuse comes up, she has to bring her skills to the next level, push herself until the end. Becoming a background dancer for Justin Bieber is a lot of work, right? Maybe even more than she thought...


2. Two †

Sarika's P.O.V.

"I'm going to miss you too, mom." I whispered, smiling lightly. 

She hugged me tightly, kissing my forehead as she did so. Today, I'm leaving for tour. We start in Arizona, so the bus is outside right now. I kissed my mother's cheek one last time, waving goodbye. I threw my duffle bag over my shoulder, blowing one last kiss at her. 

Watching the car slowly pull out of the parking lot, I smiled gently, walking towards the tour busses. A man placed my duffle bag in the bottom compartment, and I walked in the dancers bus, since this would be where I would be staying for the next year. 

Stepping inside, I was greeted by an eating Alfredo and dancing Justin. My eyes grew wide, laughing quietly. I tried to sneak in the kitchen, which I successfully did. Sitting on a chair around the small table, Elysandra and Christina were sat. 

"Hey Ri." Ely smiled. 
"Hey." I chuckled. "Did you see Fredo and Justin?" 
"Yeah, last time I checked, Justin was dancing the Macarena." She smirked. 

We chatted for a couple of minutes, Justin and Fredo finally joining us in the kitchen. After everybody had arrived, we were ready to go. I was a bit more shy than this morning, since I only knew Elysandra. I got to know Alfredo too, he was such a funny guy. 

"Attention guys!" Scooter clapped his hands together. 

What is he even doing in the dancers bus? Anyways, everyone turned towards him, waiting for him to announce whatever he had to. He smiled brightly and patted Justin on the shoulder, turning back towards us. 

"Tonight, the Believe Tour starts." He grinned making everyone cheer. "So, Sarika, are you ready for the time of your life." 
"Definitely." I chuckled. 
"Everybody in!" Justin shouted. 

We had a group hug, me being squished. I think I wasn't the only one, but it still hurts. Even though I was average height, I was the smallest here, it made me feel so... small. I felt like a little kid in the middle of a crowd. 

A couple of hours later, we finally reached our destination. It took about eight hours, the whole day actually. I walked out of the bus, being greeted by camera flashes. I made awkward faces, it hurts my eyes. I tried to smile, but I don't even know if I succeeded... probably not. We got in the arena safe and sound, the body guards saved my life. 

"Woah." I mumbled under my breath. "This is huge." 

I looked around, the stadium was empty, multiple workers setting the stage up. Some were almost touching the high ceiling, scaring me. If they fall... let's change these thoughts. I slowly trudged behind everyone as we were directed backstage, where our stylists would be. 

"Shorty, you have to go see Danny, your stylist." Scooter smiled. 
"Shorty?" I snapped my gaze towards him, my eyebrows raised in confusion. 
"New nickname." He smiled innocently, patting my head. 

I groaned, turning on my heels and walking to the dressing rooms. One had 'Danny' written on it, so I'm guessing that's it. I gently knocked on the door, patiently waiting for an answer. A very fashionable guy opened the door, smiling brightly. 

"Oh!" He grinned sheepishly. "You must be Shorty!" 
"Why is everyone calling me that?" I whined, stepping in the small sized room. 

He shrugged, chuckling. He made me sit on a chair, having to make it come higher since I was apparently 'too short'. I'm 5'4! It isn't that short people! He pulled my grey beanie off, smiling brightly. 

"So before we start." He clapped his hands. "Are you homophobic?" 
I shook my head, frowning.
"Good, because I'm gay. Some people have problems with that and ask to change." He shook his head. 
"So, I can talk to you about boys and how hot they are?" I teased. 
"All day, everyday sweetie." He chuckled. 

He separated my hair in the middle, giving them a wavy effect. It was super cool, he only put a thin line of eyeliner and mascara since I was going to sweat everything off. The outfit, was very special? The shorts were very... how do we say it? Short? I felt like I was in my underwear. 

Like, practically nothing covered my tan coloured skin. I gave a disapproved look at Danny, who shrugged in pity. 

"It's what the other stylists have chosen." He said innocently. "Look at the bright side! You have killer legs honey." 

I chuckled, shaking my head. Let's pretend, let's pretend. He scrambled in a random closet, coming back with a pair of high tops. I gasped, looking at them like they were diamonds. They were simply black, Adidas ones, and I swear, I fell in love. 

"Can I keep them?" I mumbled, putting them on. 
"All yours." He winked. 

He ushered me out, directing me to the others. The girls were all dressed like me, the guys were lucky and in skinny jeans. I shook my head, and walked to Elysandra. I tapped her shoulder making her turn around and smile. 

"I feel like I'm in my underwear." I mumbled, groaning. 
"You'll get used to it, Shorty." She chuckled making me groan. "Honey, you've got killer legs."
"Do you know why everyone calls me Shorty?" I asked quietly. 
"Because you're so short." She smiled, patting my head. "You're like the baby." 
"I'm twenty for God's sake." I shook my head. 

She gasped, saying she thought I was sixteen. People nowadays. Scooter came with Justin by his side, Ryan shouting like the crazy man he is. We all got in a circle, putting all our hands in. Thirty minutes until I'm on that stage. 

"How about a group picture, to remember the first show!" Scooter asked. 

All agreeing, I was between Justin and Elysandra, I stuck my tongue out and crossed one eye, not the other. I think I'm the only one who made an awkward face, but it was already on Instagram, there's no turning back. 

"Five minutes! Everyone in place!" A crew worker shouted, Justin already upstairs in his wings.

I was on my platform, shifting from feet to feet. Calm down Shorty. Now I even call myself that, but I have to admit, it's catchy. Anyways, you can do this, you've been working on those routines for months, now it's time to show the world in your underwear. Yeah, 1-800-Motivation. 

My platform slowly started to rise, my heartbeat abnormally picking up its speed. Oh God, not the time to have a heart attack, Rika. I placed my head down, like planned. As the music started, we unclipped Justin and that's when I caught sight of the huge crowd. It somewhat reassured me they were cheering, it's like an adrenaline push. 

The show went perfectly, I loved being on stage and Justin was absolutely amazing. When we danced super close, I felt those weird butterflies. I just don't really know why? Probably the nerves. I didn't even sweat for the whole concert, I was shivering. Damn underwear. 

"Alright!" Scooter caught our attention as we were all changed. "Celebration party in Justin's bus!" 

Cheering and happy shouts were heard as we walked back to our bus. Everyone took quick showers, since we just danced our butts off, even though I didn't need to, I still did. Pulling on sweatpants and a simple tank top, I walked out. All the girls were getting ready, wearing tight dresses and makeup. 

"What are you doing?" Ely asked, looking at my outfit. "You're not going anywhere like that." 
"I don't have any dresses, sorry." I smiled innocently. 

She gripped my shoulder tightly making me yelp as she dragged me to her suitcase. She picked out a dress, not even asking for my opinion. Practically throwing me in the bathroom, she told me to change. 

The dress was... not my type. The heels were so huge, I think I would reach Justin's height... okay, probably not. I simply changed the small belt that was around to one of mine, a tan coloured braided one.

I walked out of the bathroom, my legs wobbling around, I'm so not used to those things. Ely came and helped me, she sat me down and did my hair.  She did natural makeup, which I disagreed to, but she didn't seem to care. 

Standing up, I stumbled a bit. She made me walk around for half an hour, my feet were starting to kill me. She smiled as I finally learned how. She grinned and gave me thumbs up. When I was about to sit down, she dragged me out of the bus. 

"We're going to be late." She smiled innocently. 

I whined, stumbling all over the pavement. We finally reached Justin's bus, stepping in. It was pretty crowded, but still bearable. I hung out with Elysandra and Alfredo most of the night, since I didn't exactly know anyone. 

"Everyone!" Scooter shouted, catching our attention as he cleared his throat. "We have something to celebrate." 

Everyone cheered, Scooter smiling deviously. Is that even a good sign? You know what... I'm not even going to over think this. 

"Someone!" Ryan screamed. "Record this amazing moment." 

Alfredo took out his phone, pressing the record button and giving thumbs up to Ry who was rubbing his hands together. 

"This is the most impressive moment of our lives." Scooter chuckled. "SHORTY HAS GROWN TWO INCHES TALLER!" 

Everyone bursted into loud laughter, the camera pointing at me. I shook my head, laughing lightly with them. They were such a desperate case, nothing to bring them back to the real world, I guess it's kind of fun to have them. Such eventful nights, not a single dull moment. 

"No worries." I stook my hand out. "I don't feel offended at all. Just feeling like a dwarf." 


Zendaya plays Sarika/Shorty :) I know it's kind of boring for now, but please give this a chance! I swear, it'll get better! 


-Audrey :]

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