Love Me.

Clearly, Sarika didn't know where she stood in life. One thing kept bringing her back to reality, her true passion. Dancing. When an opportunity she can't refuse comes up, she has to bring her skills to the next level, push herself until the end. Becoming a background dancer for Justin Bieber is a lot of work, right? Maybe even more than she thought...


7. Seven † 

Sarika's P.O.V.

The past week has been hard, but I've learnt to deal with the pain, and Justin has been there for me like no one has ever been. My mixed feelings were turning into something more, and I couldn't help it. I felt like a total fool, and I still didn't know how to deal with it. 

Right now, I was baking cupcakes with Elysandra, and we were having a blast. We were making vanilla and chocolate, for Christina, who was extremely moody whilst being on her period, and it kind of made me laugh if I'm honest. 

"How are you?" Ely asked, finally placing the second batch in the oven. 
"I'm feeling a lot better." I smiled, it was still a touchy subject, but it's less worse than the past few days. 
"I'm glad." She grinned, side hugging me. "But now, it's time for a little prank." 

Smirking, she picked a brownie cupcake up, smirking as she pulled her my phone out. She easily unlocked my iPhone, opening the Instagram app. She was going to film it on Instagram, and I knew exactly what to do. 

"So now." I whispered to the camera. "We're turning Justin into a unicorn." 

She stopped filming and we walked towards the bunks. It was a bit dark so she put the flash on as we walked to Justin's bunk. Well, more like mine, but still. He was facing the wall, so I shook him lightly but he didn't move. 

"Justin." I whispered. 

Ely started filming again, as he turned around, I smashed the cupcake against his forehead.

"Justin!" I shouted. "You're a certified unicorn!"

I placed my hand over my mouth, giggling. His sleepiness look was hot, but a small chuckle escaped his lips and he smiled a bit. 

"If that's what it takes to see you smile." He trailed. "Let's have our own unicorn army." 

Eventually, the video was posted on my account. Okay, I admit, the last unicorn army thing was so cute. Grinning like a fool, I walked back to Elysandra, who shot me a small wink, making me laugh. 

"We have a show in Mexico tonight, since we're flying there in a couple of hours, we're hosting a beach party afterwards, do you have your bathing suit?" She asked, smiling at me. 
"Yeah, somewhere in my luggage." I nodded, walking back to the bunks to dress up. 

I looked a bit idiot, but I didn't give a damn. 


250 000 people here, outside, screaming like there was no tomorrow. All those girls, here to see him. It was heartwarming to know that so many girls could have their dreams fulfilled in one day, because of that one simple boy who everyone loved. 

"Shorty." Someone mumbled, my gaze snapping towards where it came. 

Ryan Good was standing there, a slight frown on his face. He ushered me, telling me to follow him as we walked through the different halls. We stopped in front of a door, Justin Bieber written on it. I raised my eyebrows at him, he just opened the door and let me in. 

Justin was pacing around the room, breathing irregularly, muttering to himself. He ran his hand through his delicate brown hair, going through dance moves as he always does when he's growing nervous. 

"Justin." I stated, his attention focused on the mirror in front of him. "Justin!" 

His head turned quickly towards me, his whole body shaking. He smiled nervously at me, jumping around. What the hell is his problem? He started doing jumping jacks, and that my friends, threw me off the bridge. 

"Would you calm down?" I asked bitterly. 
"I can't Shorty." He gritted through his teeth. "I feel like dying out of nervousness, if that's even a word. Yes... it is, but I'm freaking out, what if I mess up? Their concert will be ruined and I'll loose some of my beliebers, I can't live with that!"
"Justin, sit down." I whispered. 

He sat on the nearest couch, bouncing his leg up in down. He hid his beautiful face in his hands, again, muttering different profanities. Slowly walking to him, I crouched down in front of his body, my hands uncovering his angelic features. I gently placed my hands on his thighs, making them stop to bounce instantly. 

"No matter what happens out there, I'll be right by your side. Like you have." I mumbled. "Your fans love you to death, and never would they dare to judge you, or even get to the point where they'll leave you. You guys have a strong connection that only you and them feel, and that special something will help you through it. The energy that will overpower your senses will all be theirs, waiting for you to work your magic. You're a champion, you are... their hero." 

His eyes bore into mine, smiling gratefully. He nodded, sighing in relief. He stood up, making me do the same. He hugged me tightly, his breathing slowly coming back to normal. I had never seen him in such a state. 

"So now, you'll go see Ryan to get ready, and we'll rock this show." I smiled. "Alright?"
"Thank you." He murmured. 

We both went our separate ways, Ryan sending me a thankful look. I waved at him, chuckling as he had this look of relief on his face. I changed in one of Danny's outfit, which was okay, I guess, I mean, at least I had a shirt on. The shorts were still present, wait, I mean underwear. 

I swear, I never thought a show could be this successful, scratch that, it was UNBELIEVABLY crowded and amazing! I thought I was going to faint, thank God I didn't. Justin did amazing, which he just thanked me for. 

"Beach party has been canceled!" Scooter screamed, many sad comments being heard. "It's a pool party, OUR OWN PRIVATE PARTY!" 

Everyone cheered loudly, making me laugh as I just stood there, awkwardly. We took a small van back to the hotel, and as I was about to go in, all the seats were taken. I sat in between Alfredo and Justin, which squished Luke who was on Fredo's left side. 

"Sorry guys." I chuckled, I couldn't help it. 

I burst into laughter, Justin joining rapidly afterwards. We were clutching on each other as half of Fredo's body was on Luke's, which made Ely take her phone out. She snapped a quick pic, which soon made my phone vibrate. I calmed down a little, taking it out. 

'Seat of the year. Award to @Shorty_Parker, @justinbieber, @AlfredoFlores & @lukebroadlick'

"Shorty." Luke groaned. "Would you just damn sit on someone, it would be a lot less painful." 
"Uh..." I let out a small yelp as Justin lifted me in his lap, my arms quickly wrapping around his neck. 
"Finally." Both Alredo and Luke sighed in relief. 

I chuckled quietly, the van roaring to life. They drove us to our hotel, it was the first time we'd be sleeping in one since the debut of the tour. And let me tell you, I wasn't sad about leaving our poor bus behind as I stood in front of the tall hotel. 

"Alright, here are your cards." Scooter handed us the cards as he paired us. "Change and come to the private pool on the roof, you need your card to enter, so don't forget it!" 

Everyone scurried to the elevators, squishing together. Justin laughed as Luke, Alfredo, him and I were stuck in the same situation as earlier. This time, we Elysandra joined the sandwich, and my phone buzzed once again. 

'DAMN IT! They brought @elysandraq down with them! @Shorty_Parker, @justinbieber, @AlfredoFlores & @lukebroadlick'

I laughed, saving the picture in my phone like I did with the other. We finally reached our floor, well Elysandra and I. We were a floor lower than everyone, but we were all scattered everywhere when you think about it. 

"Alright, let's change!" She smiled brightly. 

I had a white strapless bikini top, and the bottom was black with small holes in the hips. Elysandra had a one piece with big holes in her hips, exposing most of her beautiful curves. We hurried out of the room, making sure we had our room key. I completely forgot about covering my body as we stepped in the elevator. 

"We don't have anything over us." I whispered awkwardly, shivering. 
"We're so dumb." Ely chuckled. 

We stepped on the last floor, unlocking the stair case door, we made sure it was well closed so no crazed fan could come. My bare feet padded the cold ceramic as we climbed the multiple stairs to the roof, where another door was to unlock. 

"Not even shoes." I murmured, Elysandra bursting into loud laughter. 

We stepped on the roof, everyone was there, with actual clothes over their bathing suit. The only thing they did was laugh at us, which I joined in. We walked over to them, Justin handing me a champaign glass. 

"I don't drink." I chuckled. 
"Oh, I know." He smirked. "It's apple juice. No drinking." 
"Ah!" I nodded in realisation. 
"Let's make a toast to the Believe Tour!" Ryan Good yelped, like he always does. "Oh, and let's honour Shorty and Elysandra's idiotic manners." 

I blushed a deep crimson red, laughing along. I tied my hair in a bun, because I predicted I'd end up in the pool, and I didn't want anyone to see my afro. We all lined up side by side in front of the pool, hand in hand. We made sure the guys didn't have to hold hands. As my hand slipped in Justin's, a warm feeling overwhelmed me. 

"Jump at the same time!" Scooter called from where he stood. "I want a picture!" 
"Alright guys!" Justin shouted. "1,2,3... GO!" 

We all jumped, Justin's arm wrapping around my waist immediately as we screamed like little girls, well that's going to be a nice picture. Sarcasm. My body came in contact with the freezing water as I found myself swimming to the surface as quickly as possible. 


"Okay guys!" Scooter called after us. "We have a show tomorrow, we all need sleep. Good night!" 

I was heading to the door when someone grabbed my forearm and pulled me back. I looked up and saw Justin's stern features, kind of... a protective look? What the hell am I even talking about?

"You're not going anywhere like that." He motioned at my now dry body, handing me his grey long sleeve shirt. 

I smirked at him, raising my eyebrows. I gently took the material in my hands, slipping it over my head. It was warm, fuzzy and... it smelled so damn good. I thanked him and followed Elysandra to the elevator. 

"1-800-Protective." She sing sang. 
"At least it's warm..." I trailed. "And it smells good." 

She laughed at me as I inhaled his shirt, finding myself cuddling further into it. I smacked her with his sleeve, her smirk never fading. I couldn't help but let a smile appear on my own facial features, thinking about him. 




-Audrey :]

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