Love Me.

Clearly, Sarika didn't know where she stood in life. One thing kept bringing her back to reality, her true passion. Dancing. When an opportunity she can't refuse comes up, she has to bring her skills to the next level, push herself until the end. Becoming a background dancer for Justin Bieber is a lot of work, right? Maybe even more than she thought...


1. One †

Sarika's P.O.V.

"What if I mess up?" I mumbled hesitantly. 

This must've been the hundredth question I asked my mother, my nerves building more and more inside. This audition kept stressing me out, the fact it was for such a famous artist as Justin Bieber, it just made elephants knock my confidence down. 

"Sarika!" My mother groaned. "You know you'll do great, no matter how much you think otherwise. You've been preparing this audition for a month now, don't let the nerves destroy every single little thing that took your time and love." 

And this is why I love my mom. Always there to give you the best advice, no matter which situation you're in, she'll always find some kind of way to comfort me. It's nice knowing she cares that much, sometimes it can be a little annoying, but I'll always be thankful. 

She parked the car in front of a huge building, one of the many here in L.A. I took a deep breath, closing my eyes. This is what you've always wanted, Sarika, it's time for you to get it. Even though your nerves are there, they'll vanish when you start dancing. Positivity is the answer. 

"I'll pick you up after, just call me." My mother smiled, patting my shoulder gently. 
"Thanks mom." I sighed, grinning cheekily. "I'll see you later." 

I stepped out of the car, looking at my outfit as the car disappeared. I was wearing black ChachiMomma sweatpants, a tight grey tank top and my black Adidas high tops. My hair was in a loose and messy bun, something I didn't bother to take my time on and I didn't have any makeup, since I would probably sweat it off. 

Entering the building made me shiver, the air conditioning completely blasting from every single corner in the room. My mom and I live in East L.A, where the mexican neighbourhood is. We don't have air conditioning and I'm pretty much used to it by now. It seems like we've landed in Alaska right now. 

My feet slowly padded to the front desk, my eyes wandering to the modern looking decorations. Everything look so expensive, plain rich type. Me being from East L.A, I was totally out of my comfort zone, surrounded by rich snobs. 

"Excuse me?" I asked quietly, rubbing my arms together. 
"How may I help you?" The mid-aged women asked, smiling brightly. 
"I'm here for the dance audition, do you have an idea on which floor it is?" I smiled gently, thinking my lips were turning blue, but actually weren't. 
"Oh, of course." She grinned, dumbfounded. "Twenty-third floor, Studio 6B on your right." 
"Thank." I smiled thankfully. 

I quickly paced to the elevators, waiting by an old man, whining over his BlueTooth. The whole elevator ride was consisted of him screaming and scowling after another person. We finally arrived on my floor, thankfully. I stepped out, looking around. Hundreds of girls were lined up, a small table with two girls sitting right in front of me. 

"Name?" One of them asked, smiling tiredly. 
"Sarika Parker." I almost whispered, lightly smiling. 

She wrote down on a sheet of paper my information, if I got called back, she needed my cellphone number because they were doing all the auditions and call back today. She handed me a sticker with the number '423' and let me walk past. Did this mean there were four hundred and twenty-two girls before me? Oh God, this'll be a long day. Even though they picked us in groups of twenty. 

"Hey!" A curly haired girl smiled, sitting next to me. 
"Uh, hi." I awkwardly smiled, pulling my earphones off. 
"I'm Elysandra, you?" She extended out her hand, still smiling. 
"Sarika, but aren't you already one of his dancers?" I raised my eyebrows. 
"Yeah, I just wanted to socialize." She chuckled. 

For most of the day, we spend time together. Turns out, she was a very joyful and nice girl. We even exchanged numbers, which meant I had practically given my coordinations to a girl I knew for a day. I just hope she's not some kind of thief. Probably not if she's a professional dancer. 

"Number 420, 421, 422, 423-" I quickly stood up at the mention of my number, smiling as Ely helped me stand up. 
"You go girl!" She shouted after me, making me turn around. 

I gave her thumbs up, laughing at her behaviour. She was so childish for an adult, but still very bubbly and full of life. Just the kind of friends I like. 

Slowly walking in the studio, I saw a table in the front, four persons sitting. Nick Demoura, Scooter Braun, Alfredo Flores and Ryan Good. Some chance they had their names signs, I would never have guessed who was who but Alfredo. I just know all the dancers, I watched them dance in a couple of videos, they are mind blowing. 

"Alright, make four rows of five!" The choreographer screamed as I quickly scrambled in the back. 

I like it better there since you learn faster than being in the front as everyone watches you, I felt kind of shy anyways, so I'm good where I am. The choreography wasn't anything hard, just simple moves for the start. Then it became a bit more intense, and I personally liked it that way. 

"Alright, back row in the front!" Nick clapped his hands from behind the table. 

I shyly made my way up front, standing right in the middle. Two girls on my right, two other on my left. They looked all so full of confidence, and then there was me, messing up the whole image of what confidence screamed. 

"5, 6, 7, 8!" He counted, Beauty And A Beauty blasting from the speakers. 

I decided to push my worries away, dancing with a clear mind is always better. It makes you more comfortable and carefree. 

After twenty minutes, they made us leave for the next group. I was pretty glad with my performance, and if it wasn't enough, than what could be? I walked back in the big hall, sweating badly. Thank you deodorant, you've saved my life so many times. 

"You were great." A voice startled me, making me jump back in fright. 

I quickly turned around, seeing Elysandra smiling brightly. I let out a sigh of relief, a small giggle escaping both of our lips. I just got scared the shit out of. 

"Thanks." I breathed. "How did you even see?" 
"Want to know a secret?" She smirked. 
"Uh, I'll just go with yes." I said uneasily, frowning. 
"That mirror..." She trailed, motioning to the front mirror in the studio. "Is a window on the other side. And that's where Justin's sitting." 
"You're telling me..." I gulped. "Justin Bieber just watched me dance." 
"He thought you were amazing by the way." She winked and walked away. 

Oh God, is this actually happening? Must be a prank. Believe that Sarika, it's probably a simple joke, freaking the shit out of you. Maybe it isn't... Okay, so what if he watched you? If you get chosen, he'll see you dance multiple times, nothing wrong here. 

I keep talking to myself, I should definitely stop that. It's probably the most awkward thing you can do at a time like this. Over think. 

My cell phone rang loudly, 'Baby' blasting through its speakers. All eyes turned to me, my cheeks blushing to a deep crimson colour. I quickly snatched it out of my pocket, fumbling whilst trying to answer correctly. 

"Hello?" I breathed over the phone. 
"Sarika Parker?" A male voice asked. 
"Uh, yeah?" I asked uneasily, looking around.
"You're chosen for the call back, please be here by four in the afternoon today." A voice said monotonously. 
"Okay, great." I grinned sheepishly. 

And with that said, I got hung up on. Harshly placing my phone back to its original place, I groaned at how disrespectful people were nowadays. Can't even say a goodbye? Harsh is the only thing society is. 

Pacing around, I tried to pull myself together by the fact I had been called back. This meant they thought I was good enough, right? Probably. Looking around, I needed Elysandra for advice right now, it seems like the only time I try to find her, she's no where in sight. My average height not helping with the fact giraffes were walking around here. 

"Trying to find someone?" I let out a quiet yelp, almost jumping three feet in the air. 
"You have to stop that." I chuckled breathily. "I was actually looking for you." 
"Why'd you need me?" She smiled, resting her weight on her left leg. 
"I got called back, and I'm feeling super nervous." I mumbled, almost embarrassed. 
"Look, they'll make each and single one of you dance with him." She chuckled. 
"What do you mean by 'him'?" I asked, frowning. 
"Justin, silly." She playfully slapped my arm. "You'll just have to keep calm, and try to hide your nervousness. They're searching for the main dancer, if Justin liked dancing with you, and that everything worked out fine, you'll be picked." 

With one last 'good luck', she was out of sight. It was now four, and I was sitting on the wooden floor with four other girls. I qualify myself as lucky since we're the only ones who got picked out of the hundreds of girls. I feel like I'm so damn special, when actually, I'm just me. Lame old Sarika who has a passion for dance and who doesn't look like the rich girls in the same room as her right now. 

"Alright, we'll start with Victoria McGregor." Cough, slut, cough. 

She had fake blonde hair, clothes not even covering half her body and she walked like something was stuck up her ass. Sorry for my language, it's just what it seems. Awfully awkward for me to watch. 

She danced alright, not that I thought I danced better, she was just your average slutty looking dancer. She sat back down, and her friends were all complementing her at how amazing she was. Uh, alright. 

Every single one of them passed, except for me. I hate being last, like honestly, they just wait for you to be better or something. Butterflies erupted in my stomach, making it churn in a somehow pleasant way. I'm feeling freaking nervous right now. 

"Sarika Parker." Nick Demoura called out, motioning me over. 
"Alright, so the moves are-" He started, but I interrupted him before he could finish. 
"It's alright, I got them." I smiled sweetly. "I learned from the other girls." 

He uneasily nodded, probably thinking who the hell I was being. Well, my stubborn self. I slowly walked to Justin, awkwardly smiling at him. He returned a bright and genuine one, mine not even comparing the slightest to his. 

"Alright." Nick shouted from the radio. "And a 5, 6, 7, 8!" 

The dance was pretty easy, it felt so natural to dance with Justin. It almost seemed like we've done this our entire life, just dancing with each other. But obviously, we hadn't. I think I would remember having a friend named Justin Bieber and someone who looked like him. 

The music abruptly came to a stop, indicating we had finished. I thanked him quietly, flashing him another of my shitty smiles. He grinned sheepishly and walked to his water bottle. I did the same, feeling like my throat was on fire. 

"We'll be back in five minutes." Justin smiled, practically making the girls next to me faint. "Just to choose which one of you will be on tour." 

I nodded, keeping to myself. I wasn't in the mood to socialize with blonde bimbos, I,m fine being on my natural state actually. 

"You are so going to win." One of the puppies praised. 
"Thanks, I kind of deserve and expect it." She chewed her gum, taking quick glances at her nails. 

I decided to text Elysandra, since I had nothing else interesting to do. Taking out my black iPhone, I checked my contacts, seeing her name saved. 

To: Elysandra.
From: Saki. 

Dude, I'm with bimbos -.-

To: Saki.
From: Elysandra. 

Patience, Justin & Nick are coming back ;) Come to me with the result later :)

I closed my phone, placing it back in my pocket. The girls were staring at me intently, making me shift uncomfortably. They snickered making me feel so... awkward? It's like the popular girls in a movie making fun of the nerd. I'm not a nerd, even though I kind of used to be. 

The metal door finally flew open, revealing Scooter, Justin, Ryan, Alfredo and Elysandra. Wait, Elysandra? Uh, okay. We all stood up, me being less eager than the bimbos, who practically jumped on Justin as he passed by. 

"So we made our decision, it was a very hard choice to make, but we went with how Justin liked and who he was most comfortable with." Scooter breathed, smiling. 
"They are so going to pick me." The main bimbo whispered, crossing her arms over her fake chest, popping her hip out. 

The next sentence totally caught off guard. My eyes widen as my hand clasped over my mouth, God, that was so unexpected. 

"We chose Sarika Parker."


FIRST FAMOUS STORY! I don't know if it's lame or something, I've never really tried it. Everything has a first... 


-Audrey :]

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