Love Me.

Clearly, Sarika didn't know where she stood in life. One thing kept bringing her back to reality, her true passion. Dancing. When an opportunity she can't refuse comes up, she has to bring her skills to the next level, push herself until the end. Becoming a background dancer for Justin Bieber is a lot of work, right? Maybe even more than she thought...


14. Fourteen †

Sarika's P.O.V.

As soon as I stepped onto the bus, something seemed wrong. Something was different. It wasn't warm, it didn't seem very welcoming. I pushed the feeling away, looking at the dancers who had already arrived, they didn't seem very happy to see us. 

I frowned, clearing my throat and walking a bit further in the bus. It was extremely modern and beautiful, but it wasn't what I used to have, I was well aware of that. The bunks were humongous on another hand, so Elysandra and I took the two that were left. 

Both of them were the top ones and were faced by each other. She came in mine and we closed the curtain and opened a small lamp, placing it in the corner, illuminating the small environment. I looked at her, sighing. 

"This isn't really what I signed up for..." I trailed awkwardly, fiddling with my thumbs. 
"I know." She smiled sadly, looking into my glassy eyes. 

I felt like a piece paper. I was too fragile to hold weight. This was just some more being added to the one I already had on my shoulders. We both sat cross legged, leaning against the wall behind us. 

"At least we're going to meet Beyoncé." She stated uneasily. 
"There's eight busses of dancers, I'm pretty sure she'll notice everyone but us." I giggled breathily. 

She agreed playfully, finding different ways to make you laugh. I hadn't smiled like that in a while, but it relieved me in some way. We heard some sort of manly voice tell everyone to come to the living room. 

Both of us sighed, shutting the lamp off. We jumped off my bunk, looking at ourselves. We were awfully dressed, but it made me laugh. She was wearing pattern leggings that had a golden tint to it... with a silver coloured shirt. I, on the other hand, had a pair of black Aladdin kind of pants and a brown tank top. We were looking awful. 

As we came in, it was crowded with twenty to thirty people, making us stand awkwardly in the back, listening to the different rules about bootcamp. They told that any harassment directed to Beyoncé would be interrelated and all the shit no one would dare to do. 

"So, be at the studio at midnight." The man finished, everyone nodding. 

But it ticked me off. Midnight? I slowly walked up to him, confused. He looked at me, raising his eyebrows as if asking for what I wanted. 

"Why midnight?" I asked quietly. 
"We don't like to do it during the day, since fans or paparazzi could get glimpses of what we have in store." He answered. 

I nodded, walking back to Elysandra. I explained it to her, making her nod. It was still odd, because Justin was almost just as popular, but I'm pretty sure they rehearsed during the day, I didn't really get the chance to know though, Ely was my bootcamp... kind of. 

Everyone was around their thirties, the youngest being in their mid-twenties, and I felt extremely out of place. I just wanted to rewind, see Justin and Alfredo fighting on the tiny couch, Elysandra and I blowing up spaghetti sauce, baking cupcakes for a moody Christina or being scolded by Scooter for staying up too late with Justin in the stadium before the sun would rise. 

I wanted the Believe Tour back. 

Nostalgie was something I hated feeling, because I knew it was something that was long gone, and was over for good. Maybe there would be another tour for Justin, but it wouldn't be like the first one. It was my first experience after all. 

It was already eleven, and I didn't have the strength to think about it all anymore. I decided to change into a pair of grey sweatpants short shorts with a black muscle shirt and a bandeau bra due to the huge arm holes. I wore my neon green and yellow Nike running shoes, which had were extremely flat on the ground. 

I curled my hair, putting it in a high ponytail afterwards. I was trying to look presentable, since I was already not fitting in, I at least needed to make a good impression. At eleven thirty, everyone was ready and in the main room. 

"Are you excited?" Elysandra asked plainly. 
"No." I frowned, looking at her. "You?" 

She shook her head. Both of us clearly didn't want to be here, and that was odd. Beyoncé was such an amazing artist, we were getting an amazing opportunity. But my feelings were scattered everywhere but here. 

"Do you miss Fredo?" I asked bluntly, staring at her impeccably perfect features. 
"Do you miss him?" She replied. 
"I do." I answered before even giving it a second thought. 

The bus finally stopped, and I looked up at the building. It wasn't as big as the one for the Believe Tour, it was simple. It was a personalized studio. It was for her and only her. Astonished, I trailed behind the others, letting everything sink in. 

I stopped in front of the studio, staring at it. Ely stayed by my side, knowing I wouldn't go in any soon. It was moving on, if I stepped into that studio, I was moving on. I knew it was what was best for me, and I had to do it.

"I can't." I blurted out. 

Rubbing my face with my hands, I paced in circles. Crying, I was in a desperate situation where I only wanted one person. I didn't only want, I needed. It was want, need, care... it was a mixed emotion that could only be felt when lost. 

"What if I want you to?" 

That's when my heart stopped. 


"You showed me love was all you needed." 

Who do you think it is?


De todos modos...


-Audrey :]

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