Love Me.

Clearly, Sarika didn't know where she stood in life. One thing kept bringing her back to reality, her true passion. Dancing. When an opportunity she can't refuse comes up, she has to bring her skills to the next level, push herself until the end. Becoming a background dancer for Justin Bieber is a lot of work, right? Maybe even more than she thought...


4. Four †

Sarika's P.O.V. 

"Shorty." Someone whispered making me groan. 

I slowly looked down the bunk, finding Justin standing there with a sweet smile. I raised my eyebrows, rubbing my eyes, probably smearing some leftover makeup from yesterday. Coming in the bus, I didn't have the strength to go through my whole routine. 

"What?" I mumbled. 
"I can't sleep..." He trailed. 
"First of all... why are you in our bus?" I chuckled as quietly as possible. 
"Because I didn't have the time to switch yesterday." He said innocently. "Will you come with me?" 
"Where?" I sighed. 

He simply extended out his arms, gripping my hips and pulling me down on the carpet covered floor. I threw on a light grey beanie, yawning. I was wearing short cotton shorts and a tight tank top. I slipped on my Vans and followed him outside. 

"We arrived an hour ago." He mumbled. 

I looked around, amazed. We were in New York city, the buildings, the shops... the city that never sleeps. I turned back to Justin, and smiled like a small child. His dazzling one sent those awkward butterflies into my stomach, which I chose to ignore once more. 

"What time is it?" I smiled groggily. 
"Promise you won't hate me?" He chuckled as I nodded. "It's 3 A.M." 
"I still love you." I laughed jokingly, grabbing his face in my hands and kissing his cheek. 

I could've swore I saw a light blush appear on his beautifully sculpted cheeks, but then again, I just woke up in the middle of the night. He grabbed my hand swiftly, his touch felt like... fire? I think it's the good word to explain. 

We took the back entrance as he showed his pass to the body guard in the back. I don't think I'd be able to work on night shifts. I'd probably just fall asleep and let the whole arena get robbed, definitely my type. 

He led me through multiple corridors, which felt like it was never ending. After the giant maze, which is actually what it feels like, we finally found ourselves in the huge and empty arena of Madison Square Garden. 

The lights were all on, but only Justin and I were here. I looked around, clearly shocked by the fact I had come this far. My dream when I was a small kid, is actually realized? Most of the kids dream don't come true, to say mine does is quite unrealistic. 

"It's big, isn't?" He grinned by my side, the lights sparkling in his honey brown eyes. 
"Very." I murmured. 

He took out his phone, opening the Instagram app. Clicking on the small video icon, we found ourselves filming a video for his fans. I didn't really think of it as much, but they'll probably freak out to see him with his dancer. Oh my God! They're friends! 
It'd be the end of the world. 

"So we're in Madison Square Garden." Justin grinned. "AT 3 A.M!" 
"I feel like such a rebel." I shook my head, making Justin chuckle. 
"I made her sneak out." He smirked. 
"More like took advantage of my sleepiness." I smiled, slapping the back of his head gently. 

The video ended, which he successfully posted. My phone buzzed in my back pocket, making me take it out. The notification was on my iPhone screen as I unlocked it to take a closer look, the video was definitely idiotic, but enough to keep them entertained. 

'Danger, Danger. Rebel in sight ;) @Shorty_Parker'

The nickname became so catchy that I changed my Instagram username. People recognize me easily that way. I already have 500k followers, which definitely bring your confidence up. Well, no, not really. 

"What are we supposed to do?" I smiled as we approached the stage. "We're going to be so tired for the show." 
"Let's worry about now." He insisted. "And I, would like a show." 

Smirking, he sat on one of the chairs in the front row. I shook my head, stepping on the stage. Well, it took me a bit more than that. I jumped on my stomach, trying to pull me up with my arms, which clearly amused Justin. 

"What do you want?" I laughed, twirling on the huge, already set up stage. 
"For you to dance." He nodded to himself. 
"I can do a lot of things, Bieber." I smirked. "You have to be a bit more sure of what you want." 
"I'd like to see you try and do a backflip." He laughed at his own comment. 
"Well, just your luck." I said, taking off my shoes and socks. "I've done gymnastics for a long time..." 

And with that said, a backflip was made. It's been quite a while since I've made one. I cracked my back afterwards, realizing I had just done a backflip at 3 A.M on the Madison Square Garden stage, Justin Drew Bieber in the first row watching me. 

"It's kind of cool when you think about it." I commented as he raise his eyebrows in confusion. "I come from a middle class family, live in East L.A, not everyone's dream. And here I am, Sarika Parker, doing a backflip on a stage in Madison Square Garden, Justin Bieber sitting right in front of her." 

He smiled as I sat in front of him, my legs dangling off the edge. We held a conversation for the next two hours, and we both found ourselves laying on the chairs, looking at the high ceiling above our heads. 

"You know, I never thought I'd be here either." He said from the row in front of me. 
"I don't think anyone would expect to break out as a young artist like you." I smiled at him, shifting my gaze upwards once again. 
"Sometimes, I wonder how you bring me back down to earth." He chuckles awkwardly. 
"What do you mean?" I frowned. 
"Lately, fame has been a whole lot to handle. But it still seems like you took away my stress, and kind of relieved me. It's nice to see someone who actually comes from where I used to be, not exactly rich." He sighed. 
"In your life, Justin, people will make you learn a lot. That it's from your mistakes or from your good acts." I said meaningfully, feeling his gaze burning through me. "No matter how much fame overwhelms you, I promise I'll always be there to keep you grounded." 
"And I promise to remember that." He whispered. 
"THERE YOU ARE!" I heard someone shout, making both of us sit up abruptly. 

Scooter took his phone out frantically, calling who knows who and telling them he found us. Looking at the time on my phone, my eyes widen as it read 5h23. We had literally hung it in an empty arena, for almost two and half hours. That's a lot of time, that I didn't seem to see pass with Justin's company. And I admit, I quite liked it. 

"Rehearsals start at six." Scooter said. "You two better be ready." 

He left the arena almost as quick as he came, leaving us both in silence. I gave him one last gentle smile, petting his shoulder softly. I started walking to the back exit, where I came from earlier with Justin. 

"Oh and, Sarika?" He called after me, surprisingly using my name. 
"Yes?" I slowly turned around. 
"You can dream about what you wanted to become." He said softly. "But the best thing is dreaming of a place called home."

With that, he took the front exit, leaving me wondering about his words. Sighing, I turned on my heals, walking towards the tour bus. We had great bonding this morning, and I admit, being away from my mother had kind of upset me, and thanks to him, my mind totally switched thoughts when we had fun. 

When I finally stepped on the bus, I heard Alfredo's loud snores, Elysandra's loud breathing and Luke's mumbling. I had gotten used to this. Even if my family's in East L.A, I've always dreamed of becoming who I am today. And this is what I call home. 

I'm dreaming of a place called home. 


HEY HEY HEY! I kind of like this chapter... because I kind of put Emblem3 lyrics in it, sorry :P couldn't help myself! (BTW, 3000 Miles is sooooooooooooo good! You guys should definitely listen to it if you haven't already! 
Anyways... :D


-Audrey :]


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