Love Me.

Clearly, Sarika didn't know where she stood in life. One thing kept bringing her back to reality, her true passion. Dancing. When an opportunity she can't refuse comes up, she has to bring her skills to the next level, push herself until the end. Becoming a background dancer for Justin Bieber is a lot of work, right? Maybe even more than she thought...


5. Five †

Sarika's P.O.V.

After taking a long and thoughtful shower, I straighten my hair as usual, but not completely this time. It gave them a beach wave effect that I liked, so I left it that way. Dressing in a pair of light tissue sweatpants and a white transparent long sleeve shirt with a black bra, I stepped out of the small bathroom. I know I probably look crazy, and I don't care. 

As everyone was asleep, I decided that now would be a good time to call my mom, since I almost didn't speak to her ever since the tour started. Dialling my house's number, I patiently waited for an, which eventually came. 

"Sarika!" My mother shrieked. 
"Mama." I sighed in relief. "How are you?" 
"I'm feeling great honey, but I know something's bothering you." And this is why I love her to death. "You like the boy, don't you?" 
"No, that's not exactly it." I mumbled. "I mean, I can't develop feelings that fast. Let's call it, mixed feelings." 
"Sweetheart, he'll eventually come around." I could definitely sense the smile in her voice. "You just have to be herself, you want to make him fall in love with you, not with the image you made him believe you were." 
"Thanks a lot, I have to go, rehearsals are in fifteen minutes." I grinned. "Love you."
"Love you too." And with that, the other line went dead. 

Event if sometimes, I just need advice from a friend, my mother always seems like the best choice to me. She's experienced so much in her lifetime and it's nice that she tries to give me advice so I won't make her mistakes. She never stops me though, she says that I have to make my own choices and that I'm old enough. I mean, most twenty year olds don't exactly live with their moms, correct? 

"WAKE UP EVERYONE!" I shouted in the bunks section. "Rehearsals in fifteen minutes." 

Everyone scrambled, not having the time for a shower. Snickering because I had most of my night to do so, I slowly left the bus. Paparazzi were everywhere, asking me random questions which I answered a few, because I was bored and my smile was almost vanishing since my cheeks were hurting so much. 

I finally reached the arena, walking in, once again. Justin had already started soundcheck, Scooter judging if he had to change some notes and if his vocals were alright for tonight. I sat in one of the multiple seats, watching him whilst smiling. I couldn't help it. 

After soundcheck, we rehearsed every song, just to make sure everyone was fine with the choreographies. This is our biggest show, we couldn't allow ourselves to mess anything up, we had to be perfect and I think we've gone through that pretty well. 

After hours of touch up, lunch and even dinner, we could finally go see each other's stylist, me being quite excited to see Danny. I needed to talk to him about my mixed feelings. He sure would understand because it seems like he does with every single problem I came to him with. 

Walking in his dressing room, I grinned widely as I saw him placing his material on the dresser with a mirror. He ushered me on the chair, since apparently, tonight he wanted to do the full equip. I didn't refuse, since I trust him. 

"I know you have something to tell me young lady." He smirked. 
"I have trouble with my... mixed feelings." I sighed. 
"It's too early for you to develop feelings so you decided to call it like that?" He raised his eyebrows. 
"How do you guess everything so easily?" I mumbled, as he left my hair in the beach wave effect I had given them this morning. 
"Because I can see it." He smiled. "I think the mixed feelings are mutual, honey." 

He handed me another outfit, that was quite revealing once again, but I found myself used to it after dancing in my underwear the other day. I admit this one was a bit less worse, but I had to change anyways. 

The three quarter sleeves were bugging me, so I rolled them up to my elbows making me feel more comfortable. I slipped on the white Converse Danny had handed me and left his dressing room, thanking him. 

He hadn't done my makeup, so I guess the full equip was just as usual. Seeing Elysandra standing there, I noticed she had on skinny jeans and not shorts. Why do I always have to wear the awkward clothes? 

"Shorty!" She exclaimed. "Come here." 

I slowly trudged a few metres away to where she was presently standing, her long, slim fingers wrapped around her iPhone. She handed it to me, Twitter on her screen. She pointed to a trend, my heart beating faster. 


"What's that?" I mumbled. 
"Your new ship name." She chuckled, patting my shoulder. 
"How does that even exist?" I snorted.
"You know, I always thought Justin's fans could predict the future." She smirked. "They thought pretty damn well this time." 

She left me standing there, probably like a damn lunatic. I looked at Justin who was jumping around, pumped for tonight. Everyone was, including myself, but did Elysandra just admitted she thought Justin and I were going to date in the future? It was pretty clear. 

Elephants started sprinting, knocking my heart along the way. I should contradict, but I just can't find the courage to contradict my mixed feelings. Let myself dream, that's what I'm doing. You should try it, good for self confidence. 

"Five minutes, Shorty." A staff worker passed by. "Get ready! Tonight's one of the biggest show of the tour!"

Grinning like a dumb ass, I slowly walked to my platform, getting into place. My nerves had died down since I knew what to expect, even though with a slightly bigger crowd. The screams grew so loud, I just never heard something like it in my entire life. Smiling my platform raised, my head confidently snapping upwards. 

Madison Square Garden.


DAMN IT KAREN! (Vine :P Couldn't help myself.)



-Audrey :]

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