Love Me.

Clearly, Sarika didn't know where she stood in life. One thing kept bringing her back to reality, her true passion. Dancing. When an opportunity she can't refuse comes up, she has to bring her skills to the next level, push herself until the end. Becoming a background dancer for Justin Bieber is a lot of work, right? Maybe even more than she thought...


8. Eight †

Sarika's P.O.V.

I took a quick shower after Elysandra, straightened my afro a bit and dressed in my PJ's. I pulled Justin's shirt over my head and checkered short pyjama shorts. The marine blue and red shorts were hidden, but at least I knew they were there. 

I walked out of the bathroom, Elysandra's snoring meaning she was completely knocked out, which made me laugh a little. I let myself fall on the cold bed, smiling as I was finally on an actual bed, which I haven't slept in for three weeks. Bunks are alright, for a couple of days. 

A week later.

Loud sounds, scaring the shit out of me. I quickly sat up, seeing Justin and Alfredo banging on pans loudly, meaning it was time to wake up. I grunted, throwing one of the many pillows on my bed, knocking Justin's pan out of his hand. 

"Go to hell, Justin." I mumbled, crashing back into my pillow. 
"Hey, you meanie." He pouted. "We're flying back to L.A, I've got an interview." 
"Over my dead body am I getting up at..." I trailed, checking the clock. "Midnight. You should know me better by now." 
"I'm gonna have to take you." He warned. 
"Go ahead, have a try." I grumbled. 

As sleep was about to win me over, Justin picked me up, making me let out a small yelp. I looked at his angelic features, a small smirk plastered on his beautiful pink lips, which I was dying to kiss. Did I just really say that? Let's pretend I didn't. 

"I hate you." I yawned, letting my head fall onto his broad shoulder. "I'm telling you, I'm sleeping." 

He kissed my forehead, chuckling quietly. My slumber won me once again, his warm chest radiating heat. I snuggled further into his collar bone, as I heard him click the door shut quietly, walking towards the elevator. 

"Oooooohhhhh." I heard Ryan shout.
"Would you shut up?" I heard Justin hiss. "She's sleeping." 

He tightened his grip around my hip, bringing me even closer. I wonder if that's possible... I don't give a damn, I was quite comfy if I'm honest. I loved the feeling of being in his arms, I just wish I could tell the world... but why lie? We aren't even a thing. My mized feelings have turned into something more, and I'm well aware of that. 

Someone shook my shoulder slightly, making my eyes slowly open. I winced as the light almost blinded me. It was awful like feeling. I looked up to see Elysandra, smirking telling me we had arrived. Justin's head was on my shoulder, my arm around his neck. She walked out of the plane, Justin and I left alone. 

"Justin." I whispered. "Wake up."
"Over my dead body." He teased, snuggling further into me. 
"Come on, I can't pick you up and you know that." I chuckled quietly. "We're in L.A, you have an interview in an hour."

He sighed, picking his head off my shoulder. His hair was all messy, not to mention his voice was so attractive. I should stop my fantasy now...

We walked out of the plane, me throwing my shoulder bag over my... well shoulder. We both walked groggily. I looked at my bare feet, sighing as I pulled a pair of TOMS out of my bag. I balanced myself on one feet, trying to pull the shoe on. I was about to fall, but Justin caught my arm just in time. I muttered a simple thank you and pulled my other shoes on. 

We picked out luggage for the... thingy that turns round. Sorry, not in the mood to over think for words I probably don't even know. Pulling his shirt up, because I've worn it all week, I tucked it into my shorts, so people wouldn't think I'm naked. 

"We head in the tour busses, change and everyone will have to come to the interview since we leave for Colorado afterwards, we'll be arriving there in the night." Scooter clapped his hands. 

Inwardly groaning, I walked in the van, where I wasn't squished, but Justin was missing. You know, I seem kind of obsessive. Oh well, I don't give a damn. Who wouldn't get attached to him, that little, sweet, cutie pie? 

From: Jay.
To: Shorty.

come cuddle w/ me :(

From: Shorty.
To: Jay.

Sure, I'll just jump out of a driving van, probably kill myself. You'll be able to cuddle with me in the hospital ;) 

From: Jay.
To: Shorty.

u know what? I'll just wait a little longer

From: Shorty.
To: Jay. 

Extremely... good idea.

We continued texting until we finally got to the tour busses, where Justin came and gave me a big bear hug. I kissed his cheek before hurrying to my own buss, taking a quick shower, since we all needed to take one. 

I changed in white skinny jeans, Justin's shirt (that I washed) and my TOMS. I pulled a black beanie over my slightly straightened hair. Which meant beachy-wavy hair. I rolled his sleeves up to my elbows, exiting the bus. The shirt stopped to my mid-thighs, but I was too lazy to tuck it in my jeans. 

We arrived on set of The Ellen Show, one of my personal favourites. I stood on side of the stage, sitting on a small wooden box thingy. I listened to the interview, smiling as he laughed and had fun. These are the type of genuine interviews he has. 

"So..." Ellen trailed. "This is your new dancer?" 

A photo of me popped up. He nodded, a small smile on his face. 

"Oh, and there she is!" Ellen exclaimed, pointing at me. "Come out here!" 

I awkwardly stood up, smiling. I joined them, jointing my hands and crossing a leg over the other, the thing I do when I don't know what to do. Justin motioned his lap, which made my eyes widen, this is national T.V people. I was pulled on his lap anyways. 

My right arm went around his shoulders, blushing furiously. Which Justin had to make a comment about, silly kid. Did I actually think I'd be able to get away with this? Over my dead body. I seem to use that expression a lot. 

"We'll play a game." She started. "Since I know absolutely nothing about you. Justin will ask us questions about each other, and the one with less points... will have a consequence." 
"Let's get this show on the road." I clapped my hands together. 

We started the game, and I was miserably failing. Well, for loving The Ellen Show so much, I don't know a single thing about her excluding her name. But, I'm pretty sure she's done research about me, almost sure. 

"What's the consequence?" I smiled innocently. 
"You have to..." She trailed. "Belly dance." 
"I don't have the costume." I grinned cheekily. 
"Oh, we have one." 

A staff worker came out of who know where and handed it to me. It was a red colour, and looked like the most complicated thing to put on. I stared at it for a while, before walking to the changing room. I was literally in my bra, no kidding. There were strings over my arms, and honestly, it took me like ten minutes to get it on. 

It was the full equip. I came out, and I never felt as embarrassed as this moment. I know how to belly dance, I actually took classes during my teenage years. But still, I had to demonstrate, in front of the world? Yeah, that seems fair. 

"I'm not that good, you know..." I chuckled. 

They started a random track, it sounded like the usual tracks I used to dance on. I started dancing, whistles being heard in the room. Finishing, I bowed down breathlessly, laughing at Justin's expression. 

"Well, I'll see you on the bus Justin!" I laughed, thanking Ellen before walking out. 

I got a couple congratulation and changed back in my clothes I had on earlier. Giving them their costume back, I watched the interview for the next twenty minutes and it was finally over, which meant we were finally leaving for Colorado. 

I just belly danced in front of thw world... yeah, happens to everyone.



De todos modos...

-Audrey :]


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