In the Remains

Chems (Pronounced 'Kems') have taken over the Earth, or what it used to be. (Story on my Wattpad Account Same Title probably going to delete it on there) What Are Chems? They are corpses that rose from the dead because of chemical bombs (hence the name) that were supposed to NOT harm humans and kill poisonous and harmful living things that would of killed humans. When the armies were told to drop the bombs it cause an effect on some humans. (THANKS OBAMA! Just Kidding :P) How did others survive? the question is not yet answered. Follow Rachel Crowe from age thirteen, when her training started, to present age nine-teen. Will her and her "friends" survive? They live in the remains of Nome, Alaska. It is now called "Cloudia". Will they find people other then the 50 Cloudians? Will they find a cure? Will they save the Earth?


1. Chapter 1

 "John, take your sister to the base, give her the first knife and shotgun you see. Keep her safe me and your mother are going to Varia. We will be back in two months. If you run out of supplies go down to The Aid, alright?" I heard my father talking to my older brother, John.

 "Alright. Why are you going to Varia? I thought that village was invaded with Chems." John asked.

 "We are picking up survivors, we will be back. I promise." My father looked more stern then usual. We were used to being alone, was he scared? No he would never in a lifetime be scared. 

 "Pinky promise?" I grinned at him.

 "Yes, pinky promise, Rachel." He returned the smile and we entwined our pinkies. It may be a little girl thing to do, but I didn't care. This may be the last time I ever see him. 

 "Rachel, go see your mother and check on her really quickly, I need to speak to John. She is down the block at the old pharmacy. She should be at the pain reducers." My dad commanded. 

 Without a word I walked out, knife in hand and gunsling with my twenty-two strapped on to my back with the gunsling. I started walking. About two houses down I saw a Chem. It was eating what I believe is a dead raven. I took my gun and aimed on his forehead. I pulled the trigger and the monster dropped with a screech. I grimaced as it continued for about half a minute and walked towards the body. When I got there I saw it had a pistol, a taser, pepper spray, and hand cuffs. A police attacked? Ha, those idiots need to pay attention. I shook my head and took the weapons. They had a bit of blood here and there but hey, it's a free. I continued walking to the pharmacy.

 When I got there my mother was outside smoking some most likely old prescription Weed. I chuckled, yeah that's gotta be her. She had blonde hair that has a few white and fading blue eyes. She looked pretty young for a forty-four year old. She was wearing a satchel that she used to carry the medicines. 

 "Guess what I got." I smiled at her. 

 "More weapons? I heard the screech of a dying vermin." She chuckled. 

 "Yes, look! Doesn't this stun the Chems for awhile?" I asked showing her the taser. 

 "Yeah, that could come in handy. What else was-" Then she was cut off by a battle cry. I turned around with the pistol and saw two Chems looking at us with obvious hunger in their eyes. Me and my mom laughed, they think they are scary. She took her shotgun and I turned my pistol sideways aiming between the Chem's eyes that was on the left since it was close to me. Me and my mother shot at the same time and the both of the Chems screeched while dropping down.

 These were younger Chems. I knew because they won't stop screeching for about five minutes while the elder ones screech for less then a minute. My mom handed me two Tylenol pills and she took two for herself. She had read my mind, my head was aching. I downed the two pills without any drink. My mother on the other hand had to drink water to swallow them.

 When she finished we talked about random things and smoked the weed. It was a good to let the stress go away, but I barely smoke it, I was today because it was just something me and my mom did before she left. Twenty minutes passed and my brother and dad came to the pharmacy. We finished our joints and said our goodbyes. 

 "How many Chems did you see?" John asked. 

 "Three. One down two houses from our place and two outside the pharmacy, me and mom killed both." I replied as he drove the Mongoose to our house. 

 "Any goods on them?" He questioned. 

 "The first one had a taser, pistol, pepper spray, and hand cuffs, other two looked like unarmed and untrained teens." 

 He nodded his head and sped up. When we got there we were both tired and just locked the doors, windows, and headed off to bed. 


Hey ^3^ This Is My First Story I Actually Want To Continue, So Far. How Did You Like The Characters? WANT TO JOIN THE TEAM OF CHEM KILLERS? Simply Comment Your FICTIONAL Age From 13-20, Personality, Looks (How You Want To Look), Name (Fictional Or Real Name), Gender,And If You Want To Become A Chem, Date John xP, Date Rachel (She's Bisexual o-o), Or Just Be A Friend/ Best Friend. Okay? Hope That's Not Too Much.



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