The Principal's Son

Riley Sky goes to Doncaster high, where Principle Jonny was the boss. He had a son though, along with 4 girls. His was Louis Tomlinson, most popular boy in school. What happens when Riley falls for him.

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2. Jerk

Louis' POV
I walk back home to see if everything was party ready, yes it was. "Thanks mum!" I thank. My mom helped me all of this. Then Lottie, Fizzy, Daisy and Phoebe came down,"How 'bout us?" "Of course!" I nod and hugged them. 

I know what you're thinking..... Am I really the most popular guy in school? Well, yes I am, I may be popular but I'm smart and pretty kind, some people even call me funny. I go up to my room to change into my swim shorts. My phone started ringing Marimba so I answered it. I wonder if it was that Riley girl. "Hello?" "Hey, it's Riley." I smile. "Hey Riley, are you ready all ready?" I laugh. "Yeah, so um my address is 756 Springfield Drive," Riley explained. "Really? I live at 675 Springfield Circle," I say. Riley giggled through the phone, cute. "Well okay, I'm coming there to pick you up!" "Ok, see ya later." I put a shirt on and some flip flops or slippers and walk down to my car. It was a quick drive from there. Riley was waiting for me at her driveway.

Riley's POV
I thought Louis would be driving other girls to the party, but no, I was the only girl there, like seriously. "So we actually live near each other and I didn't know!" Louis smiled, a very cheeky smile. I got to his house were his mom, and 4 sisters were waiting. "Hey where's Mr. Tomlinson?" I question. "He's still at school, fixing up some things," Louis explained. I nodded. 
*During the party*
I was swimming in the HUGE backyard swimming pool. It was really fun when people started to compete with who could do the most flips from the high jumping board. I didn't really want to compete, even though I am quite a good swimmer. I was just swimming, and also talking with some friends, when I feel the tie of my bikini top get looser. Everyone around began laughing, I look down, my breasts were showing! I covered them and turn around, Louis was there, right behind me, laughing. I felt like I was being caved in. Into a deep dark hole. 
I swim out the water and to my bag and quickly put on my sweater and my shorts, this sucks, Louis' a jerk face. I ran out of the house and ran back to my house. "Wait!" I look back and see Louis chasing me, I knew it was him, even though I didn't that nice cause of the tears. I ran faster and faster, Louis was still behind me. Geez he was a fast runner. 
I finally got home, safely without Louis even reaching me. I jump to my couch and took deep breaths. "RILEY!!" "GO AWAY JERK!" "NEVER RILEY, SORRY, I JUST THOUGHT IT WOULD BE FUNNY." "WELL IT WASN'T, NOW GO AWAY UNTIL I CALL THE COPS." "FINE, IM SORRY." And that was the end of our convo.

I still think he's jerk. 

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