The Principal's Son

Riley Sky goes to Doncaster high, where Principle Jonny was the boss. He had a son though, along with 4 girls. His was Louis Tomlinson, most popular boy in school. What happens when Riley falls for him.

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9. Heartbroken eyes

"What's gonna happen then?" My voice cracked. "We have to move back to Canada, your grand mom can't live by herself, especially since grandad passed," mom paused and sniffled. "When are we moving?" I asked. "As soon as possible, especially since we have to go to dad's funeral," she walked away. Tiredly, I stood there, thinking about the big move. I can't leave my friends here. What will happen to me? What about Louis? Will I ever see him again? Well, I know that I don't like him... Anymore. I walk to my room and changed. 
"I know you're disappointed," my mom leaned against the door frame with a mug of hot chocolate. My mom lightened up a bit,"Aren't you going to miss Louis?" I giggle and shrugged,"He'll probably see me on his next tour." Mom yawned and nodded,"Well we better get to sleep."

The next day I decided to take a long walk around the park. I smile when I see young kids running around, cute couples staring into each other's eyes and squirrels being chased by dogs. I laugh as one dog tries to climb up a large tree. My smile slowly faded, Louis was sitting on the bench 50 yards away. He was such a loner. A small grin crept on my face as I made my way over to him. "Hey Lou." "Hey Ri." "What's wrong?" Louis' concerned face was actually adorable. "Why do you think there's something wrong?" I asked. "Well first, you fave looks worried and second I know you play with the hem of your shirt when something is wrong. You always did that at school." "Stalker!" I coughed. He laughs,"But seriously, what's wrong." I sigh and hesitated, he's gonna find out anyways. "My grandad, he passed. Me and my mom have to move back to Canada." Louis' big smile faded real quick,"What?" "I have to move back, possibly this week." He looked down,"But you said you'd always be there for me, remember?" Louis lifted his head up. My heart broke; his eyes looked heartbroken. 

Later today, my mom told me to start packing, we were leaving tomorrow. Everything's moving too fast, way to fast. Everything. My grandad dying. Telling Louis. Seeing his heartbroken eyes. Packing. Everything. I packed everything, from clothes, makeup, and especially the memories. The memories that I spent here in Doncaster. My mom finished by morning. We were leaving at noon. The doorbell rang; Louis stood there and he was joined by his family and a box of chocolate. "We'll miss you guys," they say in harmony. But Louis just stood there, his eyes still heartbroken. 


~Whaddup people! Sorry for the suckish update.~

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