The Principal's Son

Riley Sky goes to Doncaster high, where Principle Jonny was the boss. He had a son though, along with 4 girls. His was Louis Tomlinson, most popular boy in school. What happens when Riley falls for him.

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4. "Goodbye"

Riley's POV

It has been 2 months since that very horrible incident. That voice mail was the last I've heard from Louis, now I feel bad. He tries to forgive me but I refused is apology and now he hates me. He doesn't leave me those cute voice mails, and or even says 'hi'. UGH! I hate myself. The humiliation only lasted a week, thanks to the school's nerd Nikki. She had slipped on some melted cheese in the cafeteria. 

I popped some popcorn, about to watch some movies, and got some drinks too. Tissues just in case. I sighed and grabbed the bowl and the others. 'BANG! BANG!' "COMING!" I screamed agressively. I stomped to the door, opening it,"WHAT!?" "Sorry!" I hear. It was Louis. "Oh, hi, why are you here?" I acted mad. "I j-just wanted to say goodbye...." he trailed off, fiddling with his fingers. "And why is that?" I question. "I'm leaving, I'm auditioning for the x-factor," he explained. "Oh..... then don't say goodbye say 'see you later'. It means I'll see you again," I shrug. "Okay, then see you later." Louis walked closer to me and gave me a short hug. I felt safe, I didn't want to leave his arms. "Well, I have to go." Louis turned and walked back. I seriously hope this isn't goodbye. I didn't get to tell him about my feelings.

*3 Sad and LONG years later* 

"The story of my life! I take her home! I drive all night! To keep her warm and time.... is frooozen!" I sang. Niall's part came up and sang it, the Liam's and then there was Louis. I always quiet during his solos. No offense to all of you but, his voice is my favourite voice. Some people call it 'tiny' aka my friend. "Honey? Are you home?!" My mom called from downstairs. "Yeah!" I called down. "Well Johanna told me some good news!" My mom gushed, stepping into my room. "Who?" I question. "Louis' mom, I think that's his name. She told me that you know him and he knows you. And she added, 'please make her come! Louis is addicted to her!'" My mom laughed. Then added,"Oh yeah, Louis has a 2 week break coming up and is going to visit," she paused. "Is there any chance that you like him back?" "Mom! You're my mom! Why are you asking!" I laughed. "You ARE blushing....... YOU LIKE HIM! MY DAUGHTER LOVES A POP STAR! LOL! LOTS OF LOVE!!" She bursted out. I started laughing so hard, I couldn't even breathe! Oh why? I thought. Why does my mom always act like this! 

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