The Principal's Son

Riley Sky goes to Doncaster high, where Principle Jonny was the boss. He had a son though, along with 4 girls. His was Louis Tomlinson, most popular boy in school. What happens when Riley falls for him.

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6. Bets and Dares

Riley's POV
Louis and I literally were standing here for 15 minutes, with the typical awkward silence and the cliché 'try to avoid eye contact'. No one has even entered the kitchen, which is kinda weird because food is one of the main things at parties. "So..... I kinda missed you," Louis broke the silence. FINALLY. "Kinda?" At least it was better than nothing. He nodded shyly. "Same," I say blushing. I turn away, and walked to the washroom. "Where are you going?" Louis asked, following my footsteps. "Imma go to the little ladies room, when you can go socialize with the pretty girls outside," I say, with a hint of annoyance. Course, I still kinda hated Louis for that incident, and I know that happened a long time ago, but I still get made fun of from the jocks. 

"You're still mad at me for it, aren't you?" Louis sighed. I nod and walked through the bathroom, locking it. "Louis, just go away please," I sigh and went to do my business. I hear small, heavy footsteps getting quieter each step. I'm sure that was Louis. 

I walk through the bathroom door and go straight to Michelle and the others, each of them had found some boys which I'm sure we're the neighbour's kids. "Oh hey, Riley! Talked to Louis yet?" Chloe laughed, wiggling her eyebrows. "We only said a few words to each other, and I told him to socialize with other girls," I shrug and here the girls gasping and see that their mouths were hanging down. "Why!?" Stephanie exclaimed. "I'm still mad at him," I shrugged again. "Oh, for that swimsuit thing, I know how you feel, but Riley. HE LOVES YOU! You can't let him go, he desperately wants you," Gisselle giggled and took a sip of Pepsi. "Yeah to the right! He only thinks me as a friend. Believe me or not, he didn't even know my name, in 8th grade, he hated me, and called me a nerd, bullying me. In 10th grade, he just ignored me!" I say above a shout. 

"Well.... Believe ME or not, but I'll bet you 5 euros that he'll ask you on a date, this very week!" Emily raised her eyebrow, mischievously. Oh all the Tomlinsons..... "Fine," I shake Emily's hand and walk to the front porch, grabbing a can of Pepsi on the way there. I really need some alone time. I sit on the large bench on the large porch. "Out here too, huh?" I hear. "Louis, please go, I really need alone time," I say, gesturing to the door. "No Riley, I really need to talk to you." Louis stood up from the other side of the porch and sat down beside me. "I really hope you listened to all those voicemails, and I am really sorry," Louis apologized once again. "That's not enough to forget about it Louis, oh and your dad got transferred to another high school, just saying." "Then what will make you accept my apology?" He asks. I smirk, having a great idea pop in my head. "Run around the backyard, where all your visitors are, naked," I smirk again as his face dropped. "Are you sure 'bout that?" He questioned. I nod. "Fine, I'll be out in 5," He sighs getting up from his seat and walking through the door to his room. 

Wonder what'll happen. 

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