Signed, Smiley ;)

Enter the head of Miley Ray Cyrus as she writes her life down in her trusty diary, expressing herself. Read her quite cheeky and funny thoughts as she express what goes through her head 24/7. From grades, monsters called teachers to a hot Irish boy who she dreams to spend her life with. But it'll always end in the same way.

Smiley ;)


4. September 6th

YAY! TODAY'S FRIDAY! Okay, so Lou Lou and I were just hanging out in the library having a little chat when Taylor walked in. She ran over to me and dragged me away and the little bitch started complaining to me in the corner. So here's what happened to her, she had a supply closet hookup with Harry. I could care less about this and it was clearly evident on my face cause she started to raise her voice only to get shushed by the librarian. So I told her straight up that I didn't care. She gasped and stormed out of the library. You know sometimes Taylor can be a time wasting dramatic bitch who can't handle her own problems. Now, I'm here thinking over my entire friendship with Taylor. She'll be more than pissed on Monday. I don't know what is wrong with her, she always has a grudge to hold against someone. You know right now she's probably writing a song about our fight and her hookup. The bitch has nothing better to do but write songs about every fucking thing that happens in her life in excruciating detail. Sometimes she's not even around the bush about but straight out, this is this persons name and this is what happened. I'm sorry for all the foul language but sometimes she just pisses me off beyond control. Like sometimes I just wanna slap the bi- I'm not gonna say it but you know what I mean. No, I did not see Niall today nor did I see Demi. Wait, I did actually. In the cafeteria, where they both were acting weird. I'll have to call her tonight. But yeah that's all that's happening in my crappy life. BYEEEEE!


Smiley ;)    

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