Signed, Smiley ;)

Enter the head of Miley Ray Cyrus as she writes her life down in her trusty diary, expressing herself. Read her quite cheeky and funny thoughts as she express what goes through her head 24/7. From grades, monsters called teachers to a hot Irish boy who she dreams to spend her life with. But it'll always end in the same way.

Smiley ;)


3. September 5th

Dear Diary,

I love my life! So today I was talking to Louis in the hallway and his friends came up to us. So the curly one's named is Harry, the dark haired one is Zayn, and the bald one is Liam. So here's how it went down:

So they did their bro hugs and stuff, then Louis introduced me and then Harry was like

"Where's Niall?"

Then Niall was ran over to us and at first he didn't notice me so it was like:

"Hey guys, you wo- Cyrus! You know the boys?" He was blushing and he was breathing heavily at the same time.

Then I giggled and was like

"Well, I have all the same classes with Lou Lou here, and I just met these boys."

Then Zayn was all like:

"Lou Lou?"

and I responded:

"Yeah, that's my nickname for him. He finds it annoying but I personally love it." They all smiled.

"You know Niall?" Was the question that I know would pop up and of coarse it was from Lou Lou.

"Yeah I bumped into her yesterday. By the way are you okay?" Niall asked being all caring and of coarse I went to my joking self and said:

"Yeah just a sore bottom otherwise it's all good." They all laughed then the bell rang and we parted our separate ways. But before I left I gave Niall a secret wink and I saw him blush. That adorable little leprechaun! Sigh. Why is everything he does so adorable? Why! WHY?!?!?!

*Clears throat* Sorry you had to see that. I'm going to go now. BYEEEE!


Smiley ;)


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