Signed, Smiley ;)

Enter the head of Miley Ray Cyrus as she writes her life down in her trusty diary, expressing herself. Read her quite cheeky and funny thoughts as she express what goes through her head 24/7. From grades, monsters called teachers to a hot Irish boy who she dreams to spend her life with. But it'll always end in the same way.

Smiley ;)


2. September 4th

Dear Diary,

HEEEY!!!! I AM SO HAPPYYYY! HAPPYYYY! OKAY BREATHE! IN, OUT. In, out. Okay so today, I accidently bumped into Niall. It was an innocent thing, I promise! I was running through the hallways and he wasn't looking where he was going and we you know bumped. I fell and some of my books spread. He helped me pick them up and our hands touched and it was so perfect! When we touched I looked up and his perfect blue eyes were so perfect. That was such a stupid sentence but I can't even! Just URGH! Anyways he introduced himself here's exactly what he said:

"Sorry bout that, I wasn't looking where I was going. I'm Niall." then he put his hand out to shake and of coarse I shook it. I told him my name. With a few stutters. I was all like.

"Cyrus." but then I realized that I just told him my last name.

"uh M-Miley Cyrus. My name is Miley."

I know I'm such an idiot! He smiled as he was so URGGH! Then he was all cute as the bell rang.

"Well, I better get going. See ya later Cyrus." Then he winked! WINKED! Oh, did I mention he's Irish? No? Well he is! OMG! HE IS JUST SO PeRfEcT! Sigh, I'm going shove ice cream down my throat thinking about his wonderful eyes. Let's just hope I don't end up making out with the carton. It wouldn't be the first time...

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