Signed, Smiley ;)

Enter the head of Miley Ray Cyrus as she writes her life down in her trusty diary, expressing herself. Read her quite cheeky and funny thoughts as she express what goes through her head 24/7. From grades, monsters called teachers to a hot Irish boy who she dreams to spend her life with. But it'll always end in the same way.

Smiley ;)


1. September 3rd

Dear Diary,

Hey so today there's this new kid. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. You may have noticed that I didn't have an exclamation point after my hey, that because I'm really upset. Why? I really like him I tried to say something all day but I chickened out, like the little loser I am. Sigh, so is life. Anyways, the girls and I established who would be the jokesters of the school. But back to the new kids. Yes plural there was 5 including the blonde boy, I never learned his name. There was 4 others and they seemed quite close with the blonde one. There was a curly haired one he had brown curls and green eyes. Next there's a dark haired boy with brown eyes. Then, there's a bald one and lastly there's Louis. He's feather haired and has blue almost grey eyes. I know Louis' name because he and I have all the same classes and I've had a convo with him. He is pretty cool, sassy really. He's British. He has quite the big family if you ask me. A ton of sisters. I would never say it to him but I don't think his father knew how to use a condom. Maybe that's a reason why they split. The sexual tension between them. Ha, that is hilarious! Sexual Tension is two words that make anything funny. Ah, now I have a smile across my face. I'm going to go now, maybe take a nap or just chill but either one I have to eat first. I'm just hungry! Heck, I'm always hungry! But yeah, BYEEEEEE!


Smiley ;)

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