Signed, Smiley ;)

Enter the head of Miley Ray Cyrus as she writes her life down in her trusty diary, expressing herself. Read her quite cheeky and funny thoughts as she express what goes through her head 24/7. From grades, monsters called teachers to a hot Irish boy who she dreams to spend her life with. But it'll always end in the same way.

Smiley ;)


10. September 12th

Dear Diary,

Okay I've clearly cleared things up with the Niall, see?! No tear stains! Niall and I talked and it was really awkward but sweet at the same time. Like I love the fool! Yes the L-word. I LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE HIM! He's a sexy little shit. But well we have a date planned for Friday. Which is tomorrow! I IS SO EXCITED! Oh shit! I didn't tell Selena! I'll tell her right after this! Well the beef with Lou. I avoided the lad all day. Wait did I just say lad? Oh, I'm spending way too much time with these boys. Yeah, he tried to approach me but I totally ditched him. Like not in my house! That made no sense! Sorry, my brain is like fried from the whole date thing! I should probably call Sel now! Byeee! Love ya! MWAH!




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