Mr Styles

Janet's life is all about school, grades and bullying. this ordinary life changes as a new teacher becomes hers. Find out and read more.....


5. Surprise Surprise


As I enter the car park I notice my brother has taken my Audi home just as It begins to poor it down. I get to the round a bout as a vaxhaul Astra pulls over and Mr fit Styles face appears and offers me a lift.

       Anyone with even a small sense on common sense wouldn’t turn down a lift in this weather even if it was an alien driving. But Mr Styles isn’t and I’m in his car. *fan girl*. My moment ends as I am interrupted by the angel himself.

“You know you’re a right tease only my girlfriends call me Hazza”

   I blush thinking about being harry styles girl.

“I’ll get revenge for making me blush this much HAZZA”

I put emphasis on his name then smile sweetly at him.

“Boy would I want to know what you’re thinking this point it time”

Unknowingly he pulls up outside my house.

“I’m thinking, how the hell do you know where I live??”

I ask confused.

“Details on computers”

He says like its nothing as he shrugs.

Okayyyyy. He knows everything that the school knows. Damn. How could I be so stupid? He is a teacher, my teacher, my maths teacher. I can’t have him, don’t get too attached.

   My thoughts are mixed as I remember I remember I’m outside my house. I open the door only to notice Mr Styles parking on the drive next door.

“What you doing over there??”

I ask puzzled.

He chuckles and I shake my head not understanding his joke.

“I live here; you just haven’t seen me as I’m out before you’re awake and back when you’re asleep. The holidays have passed and I have been preparing for the next semester.” He just smirks “I’m your new neighbour nice to meet you”

He laughs and holds out his hand.

“Back to reality there’s a hatch in my room that leads to your house. If you think I need some practice of any kind, just knock.”

I reply with a smile.

“Will do”

He says in return and goes unto his house leaving me dazed standing in the cold outside thinking ‘is Harry Styles really my neighbour?’


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