Mr Styles

Janet's life is all about school, grades and bullying. this ordinary life changes as a new teacher becomes hers. Find out and read more.....


4. Chapter 4: Mr Hotties D.T


Walking to detention, I hear a sweet song coming from Mr Styles’ classroom with chord being played.

“ 1d is now my past, this is the new me’ I always came last’ so listen to me plea. I might come on as strong, but if I must stay true, my shield is only so long, I’ll use it to protect you’’.

With that I walk in with a tear in my eye trying to smile.

I sit down in my seat and wait for him to continue, but he doesn’t.

“Don’t stop”

He blushes and shows his oh so cute dimples.

“You heard that?”

I nod not saying a word, he blushes even more.

“It’s okay, may I?”

He hands me the guitar trying to hide his embarrassment.

“I’m a bit rusty so sorry if it doesn’t sound that good. Don’t laugh”

He chuckles

“I won’t”

He holds out his hand with the instrument in it and as I go for it our hands touch and it creates the feeling of fireworks. I take the guitar and stop the feeling. I put it into position and smile at him.

“You wrote this not so long ago.”

I check the tuning and warm up. Once I am ready I start to strum the chords to live while were young and we both sing the song together perfectly.

“You say you are rusty but you’re talented. And that was great.”

“Not really I’ve always played ever since I was 4 I think.”

After a series of songs I look up at the clock and see the time.

“I have to go it’s been an hour already”

I smile at him.

“Time flies when I’m with you Janet”   

“You to Mr Styles.”

“Well I had better be going my dad will flip if I’m late.”

“Okay bye Janet”

He gives me a toothy smile, the best so far, and I leave. He winks at me so I reply,

        “Laters Hazza”

I wink back at him, his mouth drops open. That’s when I close the door and run out of the corridor and to the parking lot.

I get in my car and drive home.

A/N: hey bad boys and gals if i don't get any likes or comments i'm getting rid of my book and never going to write again. i know i'm not brill but would be good to here what you think as well. thx

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