Mr Styles

Janet's life is all about school, grades and bullying. this ordinary life changes as a new teacher becomes hers. Find out and read more.....


3. Chapter 3: The first day of the last year


When I finally get to my locker I punch the number and am glad to see my timetable was there. If it wasn’t I would have to guess what I had because I had no time to spare.

      I looked at my first lesson. I had double maths. But I didn't recognize the initials. HS12. I was thinking of who it could be all the way to the class.

 When I found it, it was just upstairs. Entering, I found my usual place at the front of the room just in front of the teacher’s desk.

 Waiting for the mysterious teacher to arrive the snobby jocks and cheerleaders entered looking immaculate as usual not a spot between them. The ring leader Ryan took out a straw and threw a spit ball. It hits my fore head and they all burst into hysterics.

'Oh so funny isn’t it Ryan. Well it gets better you just earned detention tonight my room 3:05. Well done and on your first day back as-well''

       I look up from my mirror removing the paper from my face to meet a STUNNING looking lad at the front of the class. He has emerald green orbs as eyes and they clash with my caramel brown eyes as he moves some brown curls from his face.

         He scrolled on the bored 'Mr Styles' and I thought 'this couldn't be THE harry styles. The former band member of one direction, could it?' My mouth pops open and I can't shut it. Like my brain is dead and wont function.

      Talking about the rules Mr Styles stops and walks over to where I am sat and whispers’ 'take a picture it'll last longer'' Walking away he winks at me and carries on talking about the New Year.

        I smile throughout the class and answering all the questions like the gg I am I smile with every-one I get correct. At the end of the lesson when the others went to break I got called by Mr Styles to stay behind but I didn't know why.

       I walk up to his desk and smile sweetly. He opens his mouth and I focus on his lips. Oh so pink and plush.

    ''So what’s your name?''

  I open my mouth but close it then he speaks again

    ‘‘My eyes are up here''

He giggles and I blush. I finally am able to speak

     '' My name is Janet, Janet Swift'' I pause then speak again “Can I                   

       ask you a question?''

He opens his mouth and this time his voice is husky

      ‘‘Yes sure you can, anything''

      ''Is your first name Harry?''

I look at his plush lips and then back up.


His expression changes to confusion' 'how do you know my name no-one in this school does but you''

       ''well'’, I start to explain. '' I am a HUGE fan of your former band                    one direction; you were always my favourite with Zayn in second''

            ''Wow, an actual fan. What was your favourite song?"

I pull out my hoodie with 1D on it and reply

  "It's a cross between one thing and what makes you beautiful"

   I start to sing

           "I've tried playing it cool but when I'm looking at you i can never be brave cause you make my heart race".

          Just then i stop and Harry ... I mean Mr Styles starts to sing

          “Shot me out of the sky you’re my kryptonite you keep making me weak Yeah, frozen and can't breathe".

         Then me

          “Something’s gotta give now Cause I'm dying just to make you see That I need you here with me now Cause you've got that one thing, Cause you've got that one thing".

          We join together to sing the chorus

          "So get out, get out, get out of my head and fall into my arms instead I don't, I don't, don't know what it is but I need that one thing and you've got that one thing".

           We both stop singing and start to laugh.

            I think "not bad Hazza, not bad" but I say it out load.

           "What did you call me?"

            "Sorry Harry" I blush.

             "That’s two weeks detention. It's Mr Styles to you".

             My mouth drops open never in my life have I had a D.T

             "I won’t record it but I expect you here after school, inform your parents".

             "Yes sir" I reply and smile knowing it will be fun as I leave the room.

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