Mr Styles

Janet's life is all about school, grades and bullying. this ordinary life changes as a new teacher becomes hers. Find out and read more.....


2. Chapter 2: Back To School

Well the summer holidays are over and it’s back to school. Yayyyy! ‘note sarcasm’ It’s back to being bullied, sucking up and hitting the books. If every year I have tried as hard as I can then why quit on the last year? Year 12, AAAGGGGHHHHH


      I woke up with my alarm singing out ‘little things’ by the former band one direction. My all-time favourite band ever. I look at my clock. Oh my fucking god its 8:00. I need to be there in 30 minutes!

     Rushing into my en-suite bathroom, I tug at my hair. God I hate bed head! I am sooo glad that I went in the shower last night. I brushed my teeth double time and used mouthwash. Spitting it out, I look in the mirror one last time.

        Sprinting to my walk in closet I drag on my fave t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans with my converse boots. On the way out of my room I picked up my one direction hoody and stuffing it in my bag I ran downstairs and out the door, no breakfast.

        Hopping in my red Audi, I drove to the school. I was going the exact speed limit. The only thing on my mind was not being late, ON MY FIRST DAY!

A/N:hello my bad boys and gals please like favorite and comment or I won't continue this story. please no hate its my first story and if your wondering i am the original writer and the other user that added this was me i cant access my account so I mad a new one. Also sorry for the short chapter have faith it will get better and I might have a competition for a co-author to help.




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