Mr Styles

Janet's life is all about school, grades and bullying. this ordinary life changes as a new teacher becomes hers. Find out and read more.....


7. A movie with Mr Styles part 2

I am ‘frozen band cant breath’ but I just manage to nod.

“Go and sit yourself down then I’ll do it for you sweetie pie”

I blush and he smiles.

“Your cute when you blush I should make you blush more often”

I blush more, he just looks and laughs.

    I sit down and hand him my brush. Every now and then our eyes lock and its magical; I have to turn away otherwise I would melt in his gaze. I notice that he his smiling whilst doing my hair, maybe he did it for his mum before she died of his sister?? I don’t know but I like it.

     When my hair is dry we sat on my bed and Mr Styles or harry doing extra maths because I am getting stuck with some of the equations. I am now doing better than ever. (Thanks Hazza!)

    “How about we stop maths and maybe watch a movie?” he asks ever so politely.

Oh those eyes and his wonderful smile. I can’t say no.

“Sure! But I haven’t got any good ones here” I blush scarlet.

“It’s okay how ‘bout we go mine, I have tons” he smirks cheekily.

“okay” I reply “I’ll leave a note saying I’m out with friends”.

The note reads

Dad, I have gone out with Mia

and may or may not sleep over.

I’ll text you when I know. Love Janet

I place the note on the bed and make an overnight bag placing it just in front of the hatch leading into Harrys’ house. I slip through the hatch but I trip on what I think is his coat. Oops. I fall and collapse.

   Not knowing harry was on his way to me, I think I’m going to fall on his bed; I tumble right into him making him fall flat on his arse. I turn to face him, turning my whole body, so I am straddling him.

  Getting off, I set him free, I sit on his bed as he chooses a horror film and I know that it was chosen to purposefully so I’ll cuddle and hold his hands on the scary bits.

      After the movie he looks at me.

“Do you want to stay here over night?”

I thought for a moment and concluded I shouldn’t but I will. I grabbed my pre packed bag and smiled.

  Not caring about Harry, I change right there in the room so he sees my body. His mouth drops open, I laugh.


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