Mr Styles

Janet's life is all about school, grades and bullying. this ordinary life changes as a new teacher becomes hers. Find out and read more.....


6. A movie with Mr Styles part 1

after a long day at school, I enter my haouse and take my jacket off dumping my bag on the floor. Just as I look up I see a line of bright pink suit cases in the hallway and recognise them as my annoying sisters.

   “HEY DAD, I'M HOME!” I holler up the stairs.

“hey Janet, just upstairs decorating Taylors new room, seing as she’s taking the year off of her career” I hear the reply.

    Well that’s nice I have to put up with the on and just as annoying taylor. The peace was nice while it lasted. The quietness I have loved for so long, gone. (sigh)

I run up to my room to get changed and go in the shower. ( obviously not in that order because then my clothes would be wet J )

(skip shower)

Going into my wardrobe I pick out a black and white shirt, black skinny jeans and some knee high lace up military boots and a leather to tie the style up.

Walking to my dresser I gt out my hair dryer and make up. I plug the dryer in and turn it on.

  Just as I start to dry my hair I hear a faint knocking at the wall. Iget up and open the hatch, with half wet hair, to a beautiful harry styles looking into my brown eyes. His smile was to die for with his white teeth gleaming and bright.

“Do you want some help drying you hair?” he looks…embarrassed?


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