A Phantom of Time

Barbie was a regular 16 year old living in Los Angeles. All the boys want to be her's. One day when she was walking home she was confronted by an odd man. He claimed he saves the world from people who destroy it. Lightning comes out of nowhere and Barbie is blinded. She finds herself underneath LA. What'll she do?


5. You Have No Idea

The sickness finally passed after Erik went up and got me some medicine. I woke up one day to find a note on the bedside table. Even though I could barely read it, I was able to make out:


Dear Barbie,

I have finally received my money to buy you your medicine. Their payment was late. Now I will be out for the next few days. There is enough food and water to meet your needs until I return. I will miss you so much. And I would like to thank you for helping me get out all of my anger and sadness on you.


Your Angel of Music


Well he wasn't that bad other than the wedding dress. He had a real story on his hands and he needed to get it out. Im always there to help others and it if that means listening to someone talking for hours on end, I will do that. My friends and family come first, always! Plus I felt absolutely terrible for him. Erik had been through so much in such a short life. I wanted to let him  know I understand entirely. My story is close to as bad as his but I'm always doing something. 

That something is either sports or school work. Other than that I'm either eating a quick banana or sleeping. I never have a break but when I do they are rare. I treasure every second of it because it'll over soon. I'll be relaxing, watching tv when I hear my mom yell for me to get ready for practice. One time I ended up with basketball shoes for a volleyball practice. Then I forgot my batons for practice and came with my glove and softball.

I got up to take a look around the latest sewer fashions. The whole place looked like an old mansion. It was decorated for the Victorian Age. I guess if you live in the sewer you don't get to look around the world too much. Or for that fact get a job, unless he worked for a water company or for sewage.

Well how does he eat or afford all the things underneath in this place? How could afford for heat or gas? Wait, he said he receives payments. But from who? It can't be a regular person who lives around here. It must be the owner of whatever water company who owned the pipes I was currently living in. I never thought I would say something like that.

 And if he has a mask like that, how does he move around without getting weird looks? That or get arrested? I know what people think of strangers in Los Angeles, especially if they wear half masks. They don't take them too kindly and are often made fun of. I know this because I lived it. I moved from Pittsburgh to here when I was nine. The girls at school made fun of how I looked so pale, how I talked, and especially my clothes. It took a few years but I finally made it as a California Girl but I hate every minute of it.

 I continued to what looked like the kitchen. I was starving to death. Not eating for what felt like days really took a toll on me. I could barely walk in a straight line and see things clearly. After falling for the hundredth time I decided to crawl to my destination. I opened the door and crawled over to what looked like a water basin. Double checked it over and over again to make sure it wasn't anything else and poured on me.

It was cool and made me feel 100% better instantly. I slowly stood up. Gaining my balance and eyesight I continued my search for food.

The middle table was empty except for a few bread crusts and wrappers for some sort candy. I spotted a refrigerator and it was practically filled to the brim with fish and snails. Great, the only food I don't eat! I moved the disgusting stuff over and tried to look for food that was actually good. Finally I found a head of lettuce which still good. It was better than being forced to eat things I despised.  

Pulling off pieces of lettuce and eating them like candy I walked around some more. The place must have been around the same size of a hotel lobby and had multiple rooms. It had the main room which looked like a living/dining room with couches, a dining table, and even a tv! Then there was the kitchen, my room, and a room I haven't explored yet. It was further out and it took a tiny bridge over a little stream of water to get there.  

I wanted to explore a little more but I realized I have snooped around too much. Erik had the right to keep his things secret and I should respect it. With nothing else to I plopped down on the couch and turned the tv on. Even thought I must have been quite a few feet down, I still got pretty clear service but it took forever to change a channel. The first channel that turned on was the local school station and it was at my high school. I didn't think it meant anything. Maybe his tv was set to that channel every time it was turned on.

I wanted to see what was going on in the world so I changed to the news channel. It took a few minutes to load so I pulled out my phone. And you have no idea how many text messages I had. There was a little over 60 text messages that were sent from the day I met Erik to today. I had no idea I was so popular!

The tv final showed a picture and blared out some sound. There was our local head news anchor, Rick Rice.

"Today is the seventh day in the search for a missing Los Angeles girl who disappeared last Friday."

Well that was terrible! I hate listening to stories like that. It just makes you sad to think that the parents may never see their child again. Then again, you want to go up to the parents and smack them upside the head. You lost your child?! Some people just aren't responsible.

"The girl is 16 year old Barbie Daae."

What! I was missing?

"She disappeared last Friday. Apparently to some friends there was some sort of altercation on the bus and she wanted off. The bus driver said that Barbie told her that she promised to make it to school on time. Police believe that Barbie was taken at the top of a hill where the bus just stopped and only a hop, skip, and a jump away from the school."

I was missing?

"Police have sent multiple search teams all over Los Angeles and have asked all major and minor cities to keep a look out for the 16 year old."

My mother and father popped on the screen. My mother was crying hysterically and my father was trying so hard to hold back tears. They were begging for me to come back. They were begging for the person who kidnapped me please give me back. They said they would do anything for me to be back. Anything. Anything.

Catherine came on and did the same thing. Then Rachel pretended to be crying but I saw right through it because she let out a little giggle every so often. That little b*tch. Oliver was in the back round holding something. It looked like a note. Probably something for Rachel. They showed him next and Rachel was pulling on his arm asking him to take her to the mall.

"I wanted to give her something that day but I don't think I ever will."

He showed the note. I practically fainted. He wanted to give me something?! Maybe this wasn't a bad day after all.

 Rick Rice continued to speak, "Tonight the school will hold a football game in honor of Barbie. Police will surround the stadium to see if they can find anymore information on the whereabouts of Barbie. Please if you have any information please contact Los Angeles police."

I took a quick look at my phone and opened my messages.

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