A Phantom of Time

Barbie was a regular 16 year old living in Los Angeles. All the boys want to be her's. One day when she was walking home she was confronted by an odd man. He claimed he saves the world from people who destroy it. Lightning comes out of nowhere and Barbie is blinded. She finds herself underneath LA. What'll she do?


4. Poor Poor Erik

I tried to get up to sit next to him but I couldn't so he sat next to me on the bed cradling me again. This time I didn't mind all that much except when he touched my back where I got hit with his lightning. He apologized for it. He took a giant breath and started to talk. I understood that this would be hard for him.

"I was born to Madeline and Pierre, but I don't know my last name. My father and mother told me I was born on a cold winter night when the snow was so fierce that even Mother Nature was angry, and he said it was snowing with the occasional lightning strike. After a few years my father left my mother and I to fend for ourselves. My mother made a few extra dollars singing in the street but we mainly ended up in a house of a kind stranger willing to help us. The one had a daughter my age but I was told to never see her.

One day, the owner of the house brought home a dog for me since I looked lonely. To tell the truth, I was. My mother and I named her Sasha, after my Grandmother. After the dog came, my life became more nice everyday waiting for Sasha."

Erik stopped for a bit to keep his emotions under control. I coughed real bad and he held on to me until I stopped. Again I felt safe in his strong arms. I felt terrible for threatening to tear his mask off but I was still curious so I let him continue.

"I remembering it being my 12th birthday. All I asked for was a kiss on the cheek from my mother's own lips. In the end I found out I had a demon face. I remember going wild after my mother denied me my one wish. She found a mirror and held it in front of me. It, I looked terrible."

All he asked his mother for was a kiss. I couldn't believe his mother never kissed him. I always feel light hearted around him. I feel complete. Trust me I would've kissed him!

He sat there for a little looking at a painting. My guess of his mother. It looked like he was trying not to cry. I tried to comfort him. As I starred at his mask I wondered, How terrible was his face? It couldn't be that bad.

"Maybe it would help if I saw your face. I can take anything. Trust me."

"No this face is too terrible for anyone!"

Erik looked down at me and smiled sweetly. I felt really lighthearted. When he looked back at his mother's portrait I raised my hand to grab his mask. He grabbed my hand so swiftly, I didn't even knew what happened. His grip was so strong that at one point I thought I heard a crack from my now crippled wrist. This time when he smiled, he smiled so evily, I had to look away. It frightened me that much.

"Please Barbie. You are in no danger as long as you don't take off my mask!"

"Then let me take off the mask if it hides an honest man!" Where did that come from?

At first he didn't answer me, he sat starring, not at his mother's portrait, but at me. His gaze went through my soul and back. The gaze crippled my soul to helpless. Then out of nowhere, he lowered his head and put his lips on mine! It was so sweet and felt like it lasted forever!

"I'm sorry. I have always wanted to do that since the minute I saw you."

I just sat there. My first real kiss! Take that person whose name starts with an O. Suddenly I went into another coughing fit. This time Erik, left and brought me water. Whether it was from a faucet or from sewer water, I really didn't want to know! Again he held me until I calmed down. He said he would go up and find me some medicine. That would be nice since I hadn't seen the sun in days and the damp moisture didn't help my lungs.

"Now that you're a little better, do you want me to continue?"

I nodded my head so hard, I got another headache. It just wasn't my day!

"Anyways, to make my birthday worst, Sasha was killed by a mob trying to storm the building. Aparently, the owner of the house we were staying in didn't pay her taxes and the mob was there to arrest her. Sasha got in the way and they just shot her in the head. She was dead before she hit the ground. That was the worst day of my life. I ran away the next morning. I ran all the way to Persia."

"They just shot her in the head? That's horrible! I'm so sorry."

"Don't be. After a year of walking, I made it to the border of Persia. There I was captured by gypsies. For the next few months, I was paraded around in a cart like an animal. They were all frightened by my face. One little girl still haunts my memories with her scared face and terrified scream because of me. Because of me. Finally I was able to escape but only made it so far before some pirates attacked me. Thankfully a man saved me from being stabbed to death. I think his name was Javert. Although he saved me from being stabbed, I couldn't be saved from what he did to me."

It was too horrible to hear him talk about being rapped from Javert. The details were sickening. I begged him to stop and continue after that.

"One day I had enough and I might have killed him. I was a killer and on the loose. The next year I eluded the authorities on my way to Persia's capital. Persia. It was beautiful beyond beautiful. The culture was sweet and tasteful. Sometimes when I close my eyes I still hear, smell, and see the busy streets. Eventually I find an architect trying to find an apprentice. I believe his name was Giovanni. We worked well together until he brought his niece from Italy. She was the most spoiled child to walk this earth. It took all my strength to not kill her."

Kill her? Was I in danger too? No! Erik was too kind and caring to lay a hand on me. Well he did, but that was before I learned he was an Angel. I also felt a sudden pang of jelously. He had another girl before me? It was only days ago I was broken but he fixed me. Erik slowed down a little trying to remembered what happened next. I don't know how he could forget it.

"One day even Giovanni was sick of his niece. He knew of my face so he asked me to show her to make her shut up. In the end she fell to her death from the top of a ten story building. I found her body chrushed and mangled on the ground and still bleeding profusely."

"You killed her?"

"By accident. Anyways, I went back to Paris to find another architect needing an apprentice. Again I sign up. This time he had no niece. I can't remember his name but he was holding a contest to design the new Paris Opera House. He helped me the whole way and chose my design as the winner. It was the first time I ever felt happy. It took a few years but it was finally built. Now while the workers were building the opera house, I was underneath building my own house. That way I could be near this one beautiful and young opera singer. Her name was Christine Daae. She was gorgeous!"

Another one! This guy doesn't stop with the girls! He looked up at the picture and explained that that was Christine. She was beautiful. She looked like me. Erik really didn't explain his story well, but I was able to get out that he fought another man for Christine's heart. Apparently he was really rich and handesome. But who forget true beauty, even if it was under a mask?

I felt really tired by now and didn't catch the rest of his story but he somehow got to LA. Erik laid me down and walked out quietly. The next day I was able to wake up on my own.

Poor, poor Erik

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