A Phantom of Time

Barbie was a regular 16 year old living in Los Angeles. All the boys want to be her's. One day when she was walking home she was confronted by an odd man. He claimed he saves the world from people who destroy it. Lightning comes out of nowhere and Barbie is blinded. She finds herself underneath LA. What'll she do?


6. I'm That Girl

Over 60 messages.

60 messages begging me to answer. Begging me to text back or call. Begging me to come home.

My parents, Catherine, and even my grandmother who doesn't know what a smartphone is, sent messages over and over to me. Catherine's messages went from Did u make it? to Barbie where the hell r u?!!!!?? Text or call me!!! My parents went from How was your day sweetie? to Where are you? Please text us or call us! Grandmother's didn't make much sense. She has very bad eyesight, the poor lady.

Then don't even get me started on the voice mails. My parents and my friends were all crying hysterically. My mom was screaming over the phone. Dad pulled the phone out of her hands and tried to speak in a calm tone but I could hear he was shaking.

What had really happen that day?

Let me start from the very beginning;

First Rachel forever ruined my life. Next I skipped school. I ran home and to McDonalds.

Then he showed up.

Why did he even show up? I'm not interesting or pretty. I am smart and athletic but not popular. I have a 4.0 GPA and I'm a star on the basketball team. But I'm no Rachel or the other cheerleaders. No man in his right mind would consider me first if he saw the cheerleaders.

They put on so much makeup and buy the shortest shorts so small you can read their asses. They walk around like they own the place and the teachers let them. But for some reason every single boy in my school have to have a crush on the cheerleaders.

Unless Erik was not from this area. Or in that case, era.

Why  would he have all his furniture from the Victorian Age and not have modern chairs, beds, etc? If he was from around here, he would have muscle shirts and not full length black capes. He would have a beanie and not a top hat. And for sure, he wouldn't have a half mask. 

So if he isn't from around here, where is he from? That is what I need to know and maybe I could get out of here.

I got up from the couch and started looking around. Other than the furniture, there is nothing to prove that he his not normal. 

I kept turning my head until I came upon that little bridge over the stream to the room that I haven't seen yet. That must be the phantom's room! He must have something in there to get me out of here. A map? Compass? Something has got to be in there. 

I walked over the little bridge which was quite sturdy seeming how old the wood looked. It was then a small walk from there to the door. The door was huge! Beautiful designs were carefully carved in the oak. A woman singing for a man. A man on the floor, crying for someone. And right in the center was a carving of Erik's mask.

 I took another quick look for Erik and took a deep breath. Then I pushed open the doors.

The room was pitch black except for a few candles in the back. I walked over to them carefully making sure I didn't knock anything over and so I wouldn't step on something. I grabbed on candle and looked for a few more. There were candles all over the room.

Even though I had never done it before, I must have lighted over one hundred candles. It was now so much brighter than before.

It was a large room. When you first walk in you see an organ on the back wall and a desk to the left and right of it. Then when you look left there are a whole bunch of boxes and luggage cases. When you look to the right there is a massive bed user a canopy but it isn't like a regular mattress. Instead of a mattress, a coffin lays in the middle.

So odd. This entire place is odd. The reason why I'm down here, I still can't figure out.

I reached for the coffin when a huge burst of wind came into the room. And all at once the candles went out. All except for one on top of the organ. I wanted to walk over it but I felt two giant hands around my arms.

"Why have you come in here?" Even though I couldn't see him, I knew Erik was furious.

"Please Erik. You're hurting me!"

Erik growled and threw me to the ground. "I told you to never come here. Do you know what you could've done?!"

"No! What could I have done? A sixteen year old girl. Tell me since you love me, what could I have done?!"

Suddenly I heard of rush of air. Then a hand on my face. The sound of him slapping me echoed.

I've been hit in the face by other basketball teams and by basketballs and I never cried once. But this was just too much. I couldn't control the tear flow. But out of my shameful crying I was able to stutter out the question I wanted answered.

"I'm t-that girl on tv. Aren't I? You kidnapped me and I have b-been down here for over a week!"

I knew he was still there because I could hear him breathing.

"Answer me!"

He suddenly picked me up. Then he started pushing me roughly out the door. I lost my footing and tripped over the bridge. I turned and faced Erik's direction. He was still closing the door.

I tried to get up but he helped me to my feet once again, a little too rough. He was shaking me.

"You don't know a lot of things Angel. But I know you knew never to go in there. Now you can never go back to your family!"


I regret it to this day, the fault I committed. He was so angry. It was like a bull was let loose.

I tore his mask off.



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