A Phantom of Time

Barbie was a regular 16 year old living in Los Angeles. All the boys want to be her's. One day when she was walking home she was confronted by an odd man. He claimed he saves the world from people who destroy it. Lightning comes out of nowhere and Barbie is blinded. She finds herself underneath LA. What'll she do?


3. An Angel?

He held me like a baby. Careful not to injure the poor thing. I was half awake after getting hit by lightning somehow appearing out of nowhere when he yelled. He was carrying me somewhere but I couldn't force my eyes open for the life of me. Eventually I heard a dripping sound. We were under the city of Los Angeles in the sewers. He laid me down on a bed covered in pillows.

Getting up I screamed for help not knowing where I was. He came running in to see if I was injured at all but got angry seeing I was scared. Scared from being with him. He slapped me which still leaves a small bruise to this day. All I was thinking was how screwed I was. I was in the sewers with a mental escapee. At least I think he was an escapee. No, how did he make the lightning appear?

"You my dear are finally in my protection. No need to worry. You are protected from those things you call your friends who destroy my world."

I stood there in awe at this man. He sounded twice my age but he looked a few years older than me. He was very handsome except half of his face. He wore a half mask but that made him even more handsome. When I started looking around, I was amazed. It wasn't at all of what I thought the sewers would look like. It was a small room. Except that room was more beautiful than my whole house. This was odd.

Then to make things feel twice as worse he started to sing.

Nighttime sharpens, heighten each sensation

Darkness stirs, awakes imagination

Silently the senses, abandon their defences

I really didn't remember much of the words after that because he sounded like an angel. An Angel of Music. He loved me and I could feel it. I thought he was an escapee but he's anything else. The Angel lead me around the underground room. There were thousands of candles and a giant organ. Then I saw at least ten drawings of me. They were beautiful. I was still entranced by his voice until he lead me to a giant red curtain.

At first I thought he was going to show me something nice like a bathroom or kitchen because I really had to go. But no he shows me something horrible. He showed me a manican that looked exactly like me wearing a wedding dress. I didn't know whether to freak out or be flattered he made me a dress. I chose to freak out but it didn't come out screaming. It came out fainting.

Again he caught me cradling me like a baby [he made me feel safe in his arms]. He laid me in what was his bed and slept on the chair beside it. I think it was sweet for him too make sure I would be okay. When I was sleeping I kept hearing the song over and over again. I knew I was smiling in my sleep because he would occasionally chuckle to himself. The man was right, I was safe in his home. He is my Guardian Angel.

It felt like ages before I was able to wake myself and get out the bed which was soaked for some reason. The man was asleep on the chair, humming to himself. How sweet! I tiptoe pass him and find an icebox, not refridgerator, an icebox. I find a whole bunch of ice and vegetables. Since I felt like throwing up, I grabbed a few ice chips to suck on. I tiptoed back to the bed. When I sit down I realize, I still have my phone and headphones in my pocket. I pull them out and start listening to music since I didn't feel like calling anyone and leaving. That and I had no bars under the city.

I listen to all my favorite song and when I reached Just Give Me a Reason I just went to my gallery. I deleted ever picture I had of Oliver when we use to be best friends. Deleting those pictures was bitter/sweet. I was getting over him but still grieving for him. The man woke up after I started to cry.

"My dear Barbie, what is the matter?"

I didn't talk. I just held up my phone to show him Oliver and he was disgusted. For a second I thought he was cursing at my phone. I wanted to do the same except to the real person. This man understood me. He seemed weird but he was the kindest Angel ever.

"I have to ask you, uh..."


"I have to ask you, Erik, why do you wear a mask?"

He didn't say anything at first. It looked like he was crying but he quickly changed it to laughing. He looked to me with mad eyes full of sadness. I couldn't help but feal sorry.

"The fever has come back I see. I hope you would know that Angels can't show their faces to their own sweet angel."

I was confused, "I'm sorry. Fever?"

"Yes the night you came you caught a very high fever. You have been in and out of this world for the past few days."

Great my parents are probably dead looking for me.

"I'm stuck down here. Might as well tell me why you wear the mask. If you don't, I'll tear it off."

He seemed almost scared when I said that. He sighed and agreed.

I warn you his story is depressing.

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