My Biggest Surprise

Jess shows up late to school one day to find a big surprise. When she finds out that One Direction is in all of her classes, and she has to show them around, will she become the most hated girl in school, just because Harry has feelings for her? Will she come across her biggest surprise, or should I say nightmare? Read to find out.


12. We were so close

Harry's POV

I honestly wouldn't know who would do such a thing to someone. If this person wants me to stop being around Jess, then they won't get what they want. They must be blind if they think I could live without Jess.

Jess's POV

It's finally Friday. Today, me and Harry are going to find out something about who this person is that is sending me these death threats. I can't wait til school ends so we can just get this over with.

Today, there was the usual, boring teachers, death threats in my locker, everyone following me and Harry around. Finally, it's after school, and I obviously can't wait to find out who this person is.

Harry came over to my house after school. The rest of the boys had to go to the studio, but again, Harry had an exception. I'm starting to think these boys are lying to me. Anyways, Harry kept most of the things that were in my locker, and put them all in piles.

We went through everything, and we noticed that there were two different handwritings. These people must be a team or atleast a duo. This makes me even more scared.

A few hours later, Harry was throwing away all of the useless stuff outside, and I was in the living area. I felt like I was being watched, which was very creepy. I closed all of the windows, and closed all of the doors except the front door, which Harry will be coming through in a few seconds.

A few seconds later, Harry came in, a strange look on his face. What happened out there? "Harry, what's wrong?" I asked him. "Nothing love. Everything is fine." He answered. In disbelief, I said, "Okay." And rolled my eyes.

Then, Harry was stiff. He was looking out the window behind me. I was almost too scared to turn around, but I overcame my fear and turned around. I was shocked at what I saw. Then, Harry ran for the door to catch it, but it scampered away.



DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!! CLIFFHANGER!!! Lol I promise to update tomorrow guys! Omg, today, like a 40 year old on instagram called me ugly because I unfollowed her. Haha, it was pretty funny. Love ya, xoxo Samantha <3

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