My Biggest Surprise

Jess shows up late to school one day to find a big surprise. When she finds out that One Direction is in all of her classes, and she has to show them around, will she become the most hated girl in school, just because Harry has feelings for her? Will she come across her biggest surprise, or should I say nightmare? Read to find out.


2. They visit my house

Jess's POV

After lunch, I had to show Harry, and his not so annoying friends, note the sarcasm, to drama. These guys were really getting on my nerves, they are all bugging me about how I should start going out with Harry. Gosh, can't they worry about their own life for once?

In drama, of course, we have to be doing a play. I wonder if it's too late to drop out. And as always, the teacher has to make up all these stupid romantic plays, since she is in love with romance books. In once scene that I play, I have to hang myself because my husband dies. How does she think of these things? I asked, "Can I really hang myself in that scene?" "No, but with your attitude, you have detention for a week." I got a lot of "Oooohs," from my new "friends".

It was finally time to go home from school. When that bell rang, I was the first out of the classroom. Immediately when I got out of school, I turned on my music and put my headphones in. A One Direction song came on, so I had to change the song. I just couldn't think of those boys right now.

When I was about to unlock my front door, I heard people talking. I took out my headphones, and looked over my shoulder. Five boys said, "Aren't you going to invite us in?" I know I was annoyed at them right now, but I couldn't resist it, they were my favorite boyband, so of course I was going to let them in. "Fine, but only if you guys promise to not annoy me, or try anything with me." I was looking right at harry when I said the last part. "We promise." They all said sadly.

I unlocked the door and let them in. Niall immediately ran to my kitchen, opened the fridge, then started stuffing his face. Atleast my parents weren't home. "Nice house." Harry said. "Thanks, but I doubt it's better than yours." I said. "Ya, your kinda right." he said sarcastically.

I sat on the couch next to them, then started doing my homework. They all looked at me very weirdly. I turned my head and said, "May I help you with something?" "Why are you doing your homework, that's so boring!" Louis said. "Well, I am very sorry that I am not famous, and if I fail school it won't matter because I can just sing my way through life." I replied "Well then." Louis said in a girly voice.

An hour later, I finally finished my homework, and my One Direction was still sitting in my house, begging me to do something fun. "Let me just change into some sweats and a tank top first." I told them.

I went into my room to change, and I made sure to close the door and lock it. Just when I was about to take off my pants, I heard, "JUST DO IT ALREADY!" I looked over my shoulder, and there One Direction was, in my doorway, with the key to my door in their hand. Atleast I wasn't naked.

I finally changed without anyone disturbing me, and went to where the boys were. "Finally." They said. "I can't help it if I have to look over my shoulder the whole time to see if someone is watching me." "Girl, you gotta calm down, and have some fun!" Louis said. Now Louis is starting to annoy me more than Harry.


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