My Biggest Surprise

Jess shows up late to school one day to find a big surprise. When she finds out that One Direction is in all of her classes, and she has to show them around, will she become the most hated girl in school, just because Harry has feelings for her? Will she come across her biggest surprise, or should I say nightmare? Read to find out.


16. Staying half the night

Harry's POV

How in the hell am I going to get out of here???? Atleast Jess and the rest of the boys are with me, so I know that they are safe. We just need to figure out who this crazy group is, so that we can come out of here, then tell the police. We just need to.

Jess was cuddling in my arms, and she was shivering. She was either really scared, or cold. I wrapped my arm around her and we fell asleep like that.

Jess's POV

It was around midnight, and I woke up in Harry's arms. Everybody but Zayn was asleep, because Zayn was a guard I guess. But Niall wasn't here, which was weird. He was probably in the kitchen.

In the next few minutes, I was starting to get really hungry, so I decided to join Niall in the kitchen. But when I started walking up the stairs, Zayn stopped me. "What are you doing? There could be a killer up there!" "I'm going to join Niall in the kitchen where there is hopefully food." "I didn't let anyone go into the kitchen." "Where is Niall then?" "I don't know, but we better find out." "Okay, Zayn. Who was the guard before you?" "It was Louis, but nothing happened because he was asleep the whole time. Wait what?!?! LOUIS!!!! WAKE UP NOW!!!!!"

"What do you want Zayn?" Louis said very sleepily. "WHEN YOU WERE SLEEPING, THAT CRAZY PHSYCO TOOK NIALL!!!!!" By now, the rest of the boys were up and thinking of a plan.

"Wait, why didn't they just take me?" I asked. "Because you were in my arms and they were probably too scared to mess with me." Harry said smartly with a smirk on his face. "I bet." I said back sarcastically.

Within ten minutes, we all decided that we would stay together in a circle, with our backs in, so we could see everything around us. So, we packed up all of our stuff, and managed to find the front door in complete blackness.

Immediately when we walked outside, the full moon shone through the tall trees, and it had an eery feel to it. There were crows cawing, and faint screams. Wait, faint screams?!? "Guys do you hear that?" I asked. "What, the creepy birds?" Louis said pointing out the obvious. "No, the screams, they sound like Niall too."



Hey guys! I was waiting all day to update! So when I got home from school, I was so happy that I didn't have homework! Thank you guys so much for reading, it means so much to me to know that you guys actually like my movella! I've probably said that a million times, but you guys just need to know that I care. xoxo, Samantha <3

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