My Biggest Surprise

Jess shows up late to school one day to find a big surprise. When she finds out that One Direction is in all of her classes, and she has to show them around, will she become the most hated girl in school, just because Harry has feelings for her? Will she come across her biggest surprise, or should I say nightmare? Read to find out.


8. Getting out of the hospital

Jess's POV

"Will you be my girlfriend?" Harry asked me. I didn't know what to say. It all just happened so fast. I just broke up with my boyfriend last week! I couldn't say yes, but I couldn't say no. "I need time to think about it, Harry. This all just happened so fast." His smile turned into a slight frown. I decided to lighten up the mood and ask, "So when am I getting out of this place?" "I don't know, I'll go get a nurse." Then, he left.

I was waiting for about five minutes, then Harry finally came back with a nurse. Is it really that hard to find one? "Ok, Jess, it seems you can leave when this young man signs your release papers." So Harry went to go sign the papers while I got dresses out of this discusting hospital gown.

I finished dressing, walked out, and Harry was already in the doorway. He called us a cab to drive back to our home in London. It took us about an hour to get home, because Louis wasn't driving, and when we got home, I ran up to my front door and unlocked it. Harry followed me inside, and i was greeted by my happy mom and dad.

Of course, they already knew what happened, but they couldn't visit me in the hospital because of their work. I get it, they are busy, but not atleast a few minutes? I put all of my stuff in my room, and immediately hopped in the shower. I let the warm water run down my skin, and it made me feel like all of my worries were washed away.

When I got back to my bedroom, I put on some grey sweats and an Aeropostale shirt. These were my everyday relaxing clothes, and they were the comfiest thing in the world. I slipped on some tan colored moccasins and went into the living room. Harry had to go back to school, since it was Thursday, but I could stay home until Monday.



Hey guys! I didn't feel like writing another chapter tonight, until I saw all of your wonderful comments! You guys are the best people in the world! I am so happy that you like this movella. I promise to write another chapter tommorow! xoxo, Samantha <3

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