My Biggest Surprise

Jess shows up late to school one day to find a big surprise. When she finds out that One Direction is in all of her classes, and she has to show them around, will she become the most hated girl in school, just because Harry has feelings for her? Will she come across her biggest surprise, or should I say nightmare? Read to find out.


15. Bumping into...

Jess's POV

I decided to listen for a few more minutes, but it was mostly people whispering. Did they know that I was here? Then, it was silent. I heard people walking up the creaky stairs a few seconds later, just waiting to kill me. All I could do was stay frozen, though. I was too scared to even move.

Then, the person who opens the door is a complete surprise. I looked into some familiar, bright green eyes. What was Harry doing here? I jumped into his arms immediately, and I hugged him close forever. When we finally pulled apart, we closed the old door and walked down the creaking stairs.

We walked into a huge basement. But, it wasn't the basement that caught my attention, it was the people in it. I couldn't believe that all of One Direction were here. Now, I knew that they were never at the studio.

"Someone is going to have to explain this to me." I said. "We will, so sit down love because this is a loooooong story." Louis said back. "I missed you guys so much." and I hugged all of them.

So then, it took them about an hour to explain everything to me. When I was in the hospital, they were really at school, but then they saw someone in a mask put some things into my locker. When Harry was with me, they were really helping me the whole time by trying to find out who this person is, because when they were here, they saw a shadow through the window, and that is why they kept coming over to my house. To find out where it was coming from. Today, when they said they were at the studio, they were really searching through the woods. And that is why I love these boys to death.

Wait, I still don't know who those screams were from. They said that they all screamed, because they ran into the group, in fact, everyone screamed, and that is why they ran as fast as they could to this house. Where the people would never find them. I know everything now. I just need to know who this person is.

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