A zombie apocolypse, and two arrigant princes.

When the world is engoulfed with an infection, half the world becomes zombies.
Kunamie Little, an American girl who was adopted by a Chinese family, now finds who she really is....

A Zombie slayer.

None have been on the Earth in thousands of years.
Now she must save not only all the humans, but also the Vampire and Werewolf princes who are in a conflict to see what one will mark her as theirs.


1. Day 13.

It has been 13 days.

13 days since the zombies came.

some kind of plague has come over the entire earth and caused more then half the humans to become zombies.

Even though everyone tells me to be scared, im not.

I walk out of my house and get my family what we need.

My family consists of five people currently.


My best friend Mikhalia,

Austin, a guy I used to know when he went to my school,

Mark, someone I found and helped,

Felix, One of my other best friends,

and my Little sister Amie.

With me that makes six people.


Today is my day to go out and get supplies, tomorrow we will move.

I go down to the little farm close to my house and get a horse.

her name is Luna. She is a pure bread white horse, and also my favorite.


After I saddle he up I close the door and lock it some none of the zombies or anyone else can get in.

I take off down the rode and instead of going to the local grocery store, I decide to go up to walmart. of all the things we need, we need wepons and food.

on the way  up the mountain I can hear some rustling in the woods that I am surrounded by.

I shake it off and continue up the mountain until I get to the gas station. There  I start to see some zombies.

I hear the rustling again and look back to see two boys around the age of 17, just four years older then me.

They don't look infected but I wont take any chances when it comes to my family. I galup quickly down the streets and up to Walmart.

I bring Luna inside and tie her to one of the registers so that I have time to get what I need.

I look back and thse same two boys are there again.

"Can I help you?" I yell back to them and they just start to come closer to me.

I run over to the weapons area and grab a bow and a few arrows. I pull on the bow and send an arrow flying twards one of them.

He caches it with ease. it crushes in his hand and I pull out another one to show them that I am not scared.

"What do you want with me?" I state.

They don't respond. But in the mist of a second they are in front of me.

"We need your help" One of them states.

His teeth are pointed and his eyes are of bright bright firey blue.

"Your a vampire. Well, there isn't must tthat suprises me because-" I am cur off by the sound of things breaking.

I know that they are in here and I need to get my things.

I grab a few more weapons and then I go off to get food.

"COME WITH MY IS YOU WANT TO LIVE!" I yell back to them as they followed me.

Now everywhere there were zombies.

I traveled about 2 hours just to gt back to our camp. they still followed me.

"Kunamie your back!" Austin say jumping up. The only reason he is here is because he is desperate. ot only to survive but he wants sex and I am one of the only lving girls around.

"Saving it Austin." I say and he sits back down. I undload everything and the two guys wak in.

"who are they?" Jeremy asks.

"Friends." I say and they all look satisfied.

"Kunamie I have to talk to you." Austin says and I nod.

One of the boys growl and I snap back to glare at him. he calms down and I go over to talk to Austin.

'whaat do you need." I state.

"Im breaking away from the group along with all the others except Mikhalia." he says.

"my sister is staying with me." I state.

"She needs someone who can actually protect her."


After a 30 minute argument Austin, Jeremy, and Amie left. Austin said that he would look after Amie for me.

Now I only have Mikhalia and the two boys.


I walk back into the room and see Mikhalia there with the weapons sorting threw them.

She knows about the separating and is okay with it.

The two boys are sitting on my couch and looking at me.

"alright I want names, race, and reasons why your here. NOW!" I yell and one of them stands up.

"My name is Prince Kaden of the Vampires. I am 17 years old and this is Prince Troye of the Werewolfs. Our kingdoms have been killed by zombies and when we found you, we knew that you were a slayer so we followed you only to find another slayer. You and Mikhalia are both slayer. Zombie slayers. And now we need to get you both out of here." he says


"Why do we have to leave." I question with a serious face.

"The zombies what to kill you both." Troye says.


"Okay, lets go!" Mikhalia says and we get our wepons and we are off!

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