Good Girls Go Bad

Cheyann was a good girl.

No parties.

Loves school.

No Bf.

But all of that changes when the new kids come.

Harry Styles.

The leader of his gang with his friends Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam.

When harry spots little Cheyann his heart spirals out of control.

The Bad Boy falling for the Good Girl?

He hatches a plan to make Cheyann and her two friends, Lina and Rosalie like them.

Will they fall for the bad boys?

Or will they stick to their guns?


9. Chapter 6 (PART 2)

After doing the essentials, washing my hair and body, I shaved my legs and washed my face before getting out.

There was a few towels left for me which I snatched up and started drying my hair and body.

After slipping on my bra, thong, and robe I opened the bathroom door up and walked out.

There stood all the girls with everything set up.

Rosalie with all kinds of hair stuff.

Lina with a make up kit.

And Eleanor at my closet smiling, ready to start.

"Finally, alright first is hair so go to rose's station."

Hm I guess eleanor and the girls had already met before.

I followed instructions and walked over to the chair and sat down.

"Okay, it's a surprise so you are going to wear a blindfold for now."

I groaned.

"Don't be a baby!" 

"Ugh fine."

She smiled and tied the blind fold around my eyes temporarily blinding me.

I could hear and feel the blow dryer as it dried my hair.

After that I felt my hair being wrapped around something.

It felt like hours before rose finally stopped and took of the blind fold.

"All done but you still can't look."

Damn it!

"Now for lina and your make up!"

I sighed and waited for lina.

"I'm here, time for your make up!" Lina cheered.

I laughed and closed my eyes so she could start.

I could feel my face being covered in different stuff but not entirely covered.

"Open your eyes I need to add bottom eye liner."

I obeyed and opened my eyes.

Once she put on the eye liner she smiled and put it away.

"Finished, now go meet el by the closet."

I nodded and walked over to Eleanor who was already smiling.

"Alright lets get you dressed!"

She looked through my closet, observing every bit of clothing I had.

"PERFECT!" She cried.

She then pulled out my favorite black leather bow belt dress and a pair of black heels to go.

"Put this on in here." she demanded as she shut the closet door.

I laughed and slipped on the dress as she observed it.


She grabbed my hand and pulled me out bringing me to a mirror where I finally got to see what I looked like.

"OMG, I-I look amazing!" I was astounded by what I looked like.

My hair was curled perfectly, my make up was neat so I didn't look like a crayon rapped my face, and the dress wrapped the whole look together with perfection.

"Our work here is done ladies." Eleanor smiled.

I swiftly turned around and grabbed them into a hug.

"You guys are the greatest people I have ever met Thank you so much!"

They all laughed and hugged me back.

When we pulled away I turned to eleanor and hugged her again.

"Best friends."

She laughed and hugged back.

"Best friends."

When we pulled away I checked the time to see it was almost 8.

"Oh and tomorrow I am going to take you shopping for a wardrobe upgrade."

I smiled and agreed.

We all sat down on my bed and started to chat.

"So how did y'all meet harry and the boys?" Eleanor asked out of the blue.

"Well they saved us from these asshole jocks that fancy us and I guess took a liking to us." I answered back truthfully.

"Let me guess did they bring you to and abandon classroom and talk to you all about the gang."

All our mouths dropped.

"H-how did you know?" I stuttered.

She smiled before finally answering.

"Cause that's exactly how louis got me."


They did the same thing to her?!

"I was miss smarty pants at school but always bullied for it And well I guess I caught louis's attention, soon the boys N Louis made me realize that I don't need all those haters to tell me what I should be and well I joined them and started going out with louis."

I sat there completely shocked.

How could someone as beautiful as her get bullied?

"Wow, how long have you and louis been together?" I asked curiously.

"3 years and still going strong."

Me, Rosalie, and Lina all awed at how cute it was.

A knock at the door made all of us jump up and answer it.

There stood a very handsome looking harry in a nice tux and hair slicked back in a curly quiff.

My eyes couldn't get enough of him.

Apparently his eyes couldn't get enough of me either.

"Cheyann, you look gorgeous!"

I blushed causing the girls to snicker. 

"Thanks, you don't look too bad yourself."

He chuckled and stuck out his arm ready for me to take it.

I smiled and took it, letting him lead the way to his car.

"You kids, don't stay out too late now." Lina called out causing the other girls to bust out in laughs.

I rolled my eyes playfully and chuckled along with harry.

When we got in to his car he smiled and gave me a nice peck on the cheek.

"You look absolutely stunning in that dress."He said as he started to drive off.

I smiled and blushed once again.

"Thanks, el picked it out."

He smiled softly and focused on the road.

As time passed it became quite in the car but not and awkward one, just a nice peaceful one.

Before I knew it we were pulling up to a beach.

"Harry?" I questioned.

I received no answer except him getting out and helping me out.

Suddenly his hands covered my eyes from behind making me laugh.

"Harry, what are you-"

"Shh kitten it's a surprise."

I laughed once again and let him lead me to the surprise.

" we are."

He uncovered my eyes quickly revealing the surprise.

It was a beach picnic, with candles surrounding the whole thing.

There was even a candle pathway leading to it.

"Oh my god it's......beautiful." I said in astonishment.

He smiles super big and grabs my hand taking me to the picnic.

When we sat down he pulled out two plates of chicken parmesan.

"Harry this is amazing."

He handed me my plate before answering.

"I wanted it to be perfect for you kitten."

"Oh harry it is."

We both dug in to the wonderful meal, making small chat here and there till we were finished. 

Harry put away our plates and stood up, offering me his hand.

I smile and take it.

There we were walking hand in hand up an down the beach just cuddling not a word said.



He took a deep breath and turned towards me to where we were face to face then spoke up.

"Will you be mine?"

His green eyes stared into my blue ones pleadingly as he awaited my answer.

"Yes, i'll be yours." I said as I smiled and started to tear up a bit.

His face lit up like a kid on christmas morning.

Suddenly he launched at me picking me up and twirling me around.

I laughed and wrapped my legs around his torso as he slowly lowered me.

I my arms made their way to his neck while his made their way to my waist, hands resting on my butt.

Our foreheads were together and smiles filled our faces.

"You don't know how happy you just made me and to know your all mine now."

He then leaned it and kissed me.

It was perfect!

He slowly licked my bottom lip asking for entrance which I gladly gave to him.

Fireworks, sparklers, bombs, all went off as we deepened the kiss to a passionate make out.

After a few more moments we pulled away, gasping for breath.

"This was absolutely perfect harry, I love you."

"I love you too cheyann."

I smiled and pecked him on the lips one last time before getting down and looking at the time.

It was midnight.

"Would you like to stay at my place you could wear one of my shirts to sleep in."
He asked as he packed the car up with the picnic stuff.

I smiled.

"Yeah that would be perfect ."

He smiled back and helped me into the car before getting in himself and driving off.

A few minutes later we pulled up at his house and got out.

We didn't bother with anything just went straight to his bedroom and started to get into a sleep wear.

Finally we slipped into bed cuddling up to each other.

His arms around my waist pulling me close to him and my head laying on his chest.

"Goodnight my beautiful kitten, I love you."

"Goodnight harry, I love you too."

I fell asleep to the soothing sound of his heart beat.


Hey my bad kids!

Hope you liked the new chapter cause I had a lot of fun writing it.

Halloween is coming up.


Lol sorry got a little carried away there.

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I got realistic fangs and a cute outfit picked out.

But besides Halloween what do y'all think of Story Of My Life?


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-Reese's Cup

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