Good Girls Go Bad

Cheyann was a good girl.

No parties.

Loves school.

No Bf.

But all of that changes when the new kids come.

Harry Styles.

The leader of his gang with his friends Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam.

When harry spots little Cheyann his heart spirals out of control.

The Bad Boy falling for the Good Girl?

He hatches a plan to make Cheyann and her two friends, Lina and Rosalie like them.

Will they fall for the bad boys?

Or will they stick to their guns?


8. Chapter 6 (PART 1)

(Cheyann's P.O.V)

I felt the light shine into my eyes, waking me from my peaceful sleep.

Harry's arms were wrapped around my waist while his head was snuggled into the crook of my neck.

I smiled slightly and started getting up.


I froze and my head snapped over to look at him.

He was still asleep.

I smiled knowing he talked in his sleep.

He suddenly let out a raspy moan.

"Oh yes, right there Kitten."

My eyes widened and I tried to hold in my laughs.

I gently slid out of his arms and made my way down stairs.

OMG he was having a wet dream about me!

I let all my laughter out and nearly fell down from laughing so hard.

Once I was done laughing I made my way to the kitchen and looked at the time.


Well might as well make some lunch.

I pull out some Kraft Mac & Cheese and started to boil the water.

Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around my waist, picking me up and setting me onto the counter.

"Good Morning kitten."

"Good Morning."

He smiled and poured in the noodles.

I smirked and hopped down from the counter.

"So, did you have any good dreams last night?"

Harry froze and what surprised me was he started stuttering.

"Uh....erm.....yeah I-I-I mean it was just like any other dream."

I giggled and started poking at him.

"You sure about that?"

He gulped, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down.

"Y-Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

I raised an eyebrow still smirking.

"Oh yes, right there kitten ugh!" I mimicked his deep moaning.

His eyes widened so big they could probably be used as baseballs.

I could even see a light blush coming on.

I lost it after that.

I was laughing so hard, I fell over.

"I.....I talked in my sleep, didn't I?"

I finally recovered from my laughing and nodded.

"Oh my god." He groaned and hid his face walking into the living room.

I giggle once again and stirred the Mac &Cheese.

A few minutes later I made us both a bowl and walked into the living room handing him his.


"Your welcome."

We are in silence till he decided to break it.

"Umm cheyann can I ask you something?"

I looked at him confused but nodded.

"Um sure."

He never called me cheyann unless it was serious.

"Um will you go on a date with me?"

I froze.

A date?

With harry?

Mr. Bad Boy?

I was lost for words.

"Please Cheyann, I know I may seem too bad for you, but if you give me a chance I promise it will be the best night of your life."

I bit my lip and thought.

Should I go?

No, he's too bad in fact you were stupid enough to let him stay last night.

Yes, you deserve fun every once in a while and come on harry is super sexy, just one little date won't hurt anybody.

As my mind clashed I took a deep breath and chose.


His eyes widened once again.


I rolled my eyes and giggled.

"I said yes I'll go on a date with you."

He took a few moments to process what I said before he tackled me into a hug.

"You don't know how happy you just made me."

"Oh I have a good guess." I giggled.

He put me down, got up to stretch and slip on his shoes.

"Alright then i'll see you around 8, dress nice kitten."

I got up as well and smiled.

"Will do."

I walked him to the door but before he stepped out he stopped.

"Oh one more thing."

I gave him a confused look but before I could say anything he attached his lips to mine.

He had caught me completely off guard but still I proceeded to kiss him back.

Our lips fit so perfectly together.

I played with his curls as we slowly started pulling out of the kiss.

"See you at 8 kitten." He said as he winked and started walking to his car.

I was blushing a deep red as I watched him drive away.

I walked back inside and crashed down onto my couch.

My lips were still tingling from the wonderful sensation of our lips connecting.

What am I going to wear?!

Suddenly there was a knock, well more like pounding at my door.

I groaned and got up to answer it.

There stood my crazy besties lina and rose. 

"About time you answered." Lina sassed as her and rose walked in.

"Sorry, but I do want to tell you two something."

"What?" They both said in a Union.

"Harry is taking me out on a date."

Their mouths dropped into excited toothy smiles.

"Awwww,our little chey is growing up!" Rosalie cooed.

"I knew it was going to happen sooner or later." Lina rolled her eyes playfully at me.

I laughed and sat down on the couch.

"No, get your ass up." Rosalie sassed.


"Cause we are going to help you get ready for the date, now get you fucking ass up!" Rose snapped.

I laughed and stood up allowing them to take me upstairs.

"I call hair!" Rosalie called.

"I call make up." Lina smiled.

I was confused.

"Ok but who is doing my outfit?"

"Leave that to me."

I spun around and saw louis's girl standing at the door way smiling.

She walked in and stuck out her hand.

"I'm Eleanor, Louis's girlfriend."

I shook her hand and smiled back.

"Nice to meet you eleanor, so your going to pick out my outfit?"

"Yup, now we have about..."

She looked at the clock, which read 2:00pm.

"6 hours to make this happen so chop chop into the shower you go." She sassed and pushed me into the bathroom.

She grabbed my robe and handed it to me along with my matching black lace bra and thong.

"As soon as you get out put these on and come out." 

"Alright." I laughed at how sassy she is.

She left and I hoped into the shower.

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