Good Girls Go Bad

Cheyann was a good girl.

No parties.

Loves school.

No Bf.

But all of that changes when the new kids come.

Harry Styles.

The leader of his gang with his friends Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam.

When harry spots little Cheyann his heart spirals out of control.

The Bad Boy falling for the Good Girl?

He hatches a plan to make Cheyann and her two friends, Lina and Rosalie like them.

Will they fall for the bad boys?

Or will they stick to their guns?


7. Chapter 5 (PART 2)

I continued running till I got to my house earning a few stares from my neighbors.

I took the key out from under my secret rock and ran in side.


I locked the house up tight and danced all the way to my room.

My phone started to ring and my ringtone for my mom blared through the hall way.

"Hey mom."

"Sweetie, oh thank goodness me and your father were so worried about you."

"I'm fine mom." I smiled a little.

"Why haven't you picked up your phone?"

"Oh sorry about that I uh slept late."

"Alright just be careful we should be home in a couple of weeks, love you sweetie."

"Love you too mom, have fun."

I hung up and continued to my room.


My door was on its last hinge and a note was posted on it.

Sorry about your door, I kinda got carried away, promise I'll fix it later.



I plugged my iPod into the charger and radio so I can jam out while I'm in the shower.

First song that came on was Teenagers by:My Chemical Romance.

As the warm water cascaded down my back I massaged my strawberry shampoo and conditioner through my hair.

As soon as I got done washing my body and shaving my legs my music suddenly shut off.

Maybe it just died.

I slowly opened my bathroom door and looked around my room.


I sighed in relief and smiled walking out of the bathroom to my closet.

I must be getting too paranoid.

I opened the door stepped into the closet looking for what I could wear.


In a matter of seconds the door slammed shut from behind me and I was pushed up against the closet.

I was about to scream in till a hand shot to my mouth.

"Hello again kitten."

My blood froze.

My eyes slowly climbed up his torso and to his green eyes.


I was snapped back into reality when I remembered I only had a towel covering my naked body.

"H-how did you get into my house?" I stuttered.

He smirked and rubbed my arm slowly with his thumb.

"I am really good with locks kitten."

He eyed me from head to toe smirking at my uncomfortableness.

"My my kitten you were very bad today and a bad kitten like you must be punished."

My eyes widened at harry who was eyeing my neck smirking.

Next thing I knew his lips were attacking my neck leaving wet kisses everywhere.

He kissed my sweet spot multiple times before he started to suck.

I threw my head back as I moaned.

He smirked into my neck and sucked harder this time he did this every where on my neck.

M eyes were shut in pleasure and pain.

After a little he pulled away and gave me some space.

"I'm going downstairs so you could get dressed, cause I swear if you don't, I might lose it and take you on right here right now."

He turned on his heel and left the closet and my room.

I took a deep breath and pulled away from the wall trying to pull my self together.

I quickly pulled on a pair of shorts and a Aeropostale t-shirt.

Then I walked to the bathroom to blow dry my hair and brush my teeth.

Once I was finished I took another deep breath and walked down stairs.

I walked to the living room and found harry sitting on the couch reading something.


"Oh hey Cheyann nice book."

I snatched my iPod from his hands and put it in my back pocket.

"Hey I was reading that!"

"Well now you aren't."

I sat down onto the couch crossing my arms over my chest.

"Why did you leave me kitten?"

"I just wanted to leave." I lied.

"Bullshit, now stop trying to lie cheyann and tell me the truth." he growled.

I looked down and started tearing up.

"Y-Your eyes, they got really dark, and it scared the shit out of me."

I let a few tears fall from my eyes as the images of harry's eyes replayed over and over again.

He pulled me into his chest and started rubbing my back.

"Shhh, I'm sorry I scared you like that kitten."

I sobbed into his chest while he rubbed my back and started to sing.

"Don't let me, don't let me, don't let me go cause I'm tired of feeling alone, don't let me, don't let me go, cause I'm tired of feeling alone." his soft angelic voice made my eyes heavy and soon I was drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

(Harry's P.O.V)

Once I finished I saw cheyann asleep.

A small chuckle escaped my lips at how adorable she looked when she was sleeping.

I gently lay her down on the couch and covered her up with a blanket before walking out into the hall to call louis.

After a few rings he answered.

"Hey haz what's up?"

"Hey lou, I scared cheyann with my eyes darkening when I got too mad/sexually frustrated and now I don't know what to do."

He sighed into the phone.

"Harry she is a very shy and timid girl you got to watch what you do around her and well try being nice and caring to her."

"Alright mate thanks."

"No problem haz, good luck."

"Thanks mate bye."


As soon as I hung up my phone I heard cheyann call for me so I walked back into the living room.

"Yes kitten, I'm here."

"Do you think we can go watch titanic in my room?"

I smiled and picked her up gently.

"Of course we can kitten."

Once we got to her room I lay her down on the bed and pop in the movie.

I then pushed play and cuddled cheyann into my chest.

"Harry?" Her small voice spoke up.

"Yes kitten?"

"Your voice is beautiful."

I smiled at her and kissed her forehead and cheek.

"Thank you kitten."

A few minutes into the movie cheyann fell asleep on my chest.

I chuckled and whispered.

"I love you cheyann."

(Cheyann's P.O.V)

He said he loved me.

I was still awake as he said it so I heard every word.

I smiled slightly and slipped into a peaceful deep sleep.




School had been kicking my ass with homework.

Plus I am also reading this book series called the black dagger brother hood it's fucking amazayn!

I hope this chapter made up for it.

Also for all my Bloody Love fans out there i've got some big news coming soon so get ready.

Again I'm really sorry it took so long guys.

Harry:Yeah but now you ladies can enjoy me! *winks*

*Rolls eyes* Oh god harry.

Harry:What I can't help it, the ladies love me and my sexy punk self.

Ha what ever.

Harry:Aww I still love you cheyann.

Love ya too haz, would you like to do the honors?

Harry:Sure, vote, and comment now to get this book popular, please it would be appreciated by cheyann and me myself.

Good job harry, well that's it for now bye my bad kids.

Harry:Bye my gorgeous fans *blows you all a kiss*




-Reese's Cup

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