Good Girls Go Bad

Cheyann was a good girl.

No parties.

Loves school.

No Bf.

But all of that changes when the new kids come.

Harry Styles.

The leader of his gang with his friends Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam.

When harry spots little Cheyann his heart spirals out of control.

The Bad Boy falling for the Good Girl?

He hatches a plan to make Cheyann and her two friends, Lina and Rosalie like them.

Will they fall for the bad boys?

Or will they stick to their guns?


3. Chapter 3

(Cheyann's P.O.V)

My alarm buzzed waking me up from my peaceful sleep.

I groaned and shut it off before getting up and motivated.

I slipped on some black skinny jeans and my red low cut tank top then finally slipping on my red converses.

Before I could start my hair I got a text.

I grabbed my phone and quickly unlocked it to find a text from Harry.

How did he.......

I huffed when I remembered he had my phone yesterday, he must have got my number and stored his in my contacts.

I sighed and clicked the message.

From:Harry aka Mr.Sexy 

Good morning kitten see you at school ;)

I growled and decided not to text him back.

I finished my hair and applied a little eyeliner and mascara before finally grabbing my bag and heading down stairs.

My father was ignoring me but my mother smiled.

"Good morning sweetie your father made breakfast...."

"I'm not hungry."

I walked in and grabbed an apple for later.

"Bye mom love you."

"Love you too sweetie."

I bit into my apple and jammed out to my Ipod.

I walk to school everyday in till I can afford a car.

As I approached the school I threw the apple core away and looked around the student parking lot.

No sign of Harry's range rover.

I smiled and sighed in relief.

He's not here. 

I spoke too soon.

He was just pulling into the school with 3 other cars tailing him.

That must be Louis, Liam, and Niall but where's zayn?

Before he could spot me I hauled ass into the school and to my locker.

I swore to my self to avoid him at any cost.

I unlocked my locker and got out some books making sure harry and his little gang doesn't find me or I'm screwed.


I jumped and spun around to find rosalie laughing her ass off.

"Fuck you rose!" I giggled.

"Your face was priceless!" She giggled.


Everyone including me and rosalie froze.

I know that shout anywhere.



He looked terrible, a busted lip, broke nose, cuts on his face, and bruises everywhere.

In his eyes rage boiled from within making it look like fire.

He walked to his locker with Brandon and Dalton tailing behind him.

Everyone stared at him in complete shock.


Immediately everyone averted their eyes.

"Ok we might wan't to leave like NOW!"

Rosalie pulled me out of my trance and we both started walking to our classes.

"CHEYANN ROSALIE GET THE FUCK OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!" Alexander bellowed from down the hall.

We froze and looked at each other before smiling and hauling ass.


All three of them started running after us.

"Rose run there closing in on us!" I squealed. 

Me and her ran as fast as our legs could take us.

As we passed each hall everyone was clearing a way for us.

"CHEYANN!" Alexander growled from behind us.

I never looked back just kept on running.

Soon they slowed and came to a stop while we kept running.


Me and rosalie stopped and panted like animals on a hot day.

"Wow he is fucking insane." 

Rosalie panted.

I nodded still out of breath.

We finally started walking again.

As we turned a corner my eyes focused on harry and niall at there lockers chatting. 

Both me and rosalie stopped dead in our tracks.

"Which way now?" I whispered.

She looked to her right then left before smiling.

"We go down this hall and we can be in our classes in record timing."

I nodded and looked back towards harry.

Liam and Louis had showed up along with a girl covered in tattoos and a belly button piercing.

I have to say she was pretty even with all the tattoos and piercing.

She was holding hands with Louis and smiling up at him.

She must be his girlfriend.

"Come on chey before they see us."

"Ok I'm coming." We started to sneak towards the hall when I stumbled and hit the lockers making a loud boom.

"Shit!" I cursed under my breath

I looked up to find rosalie glaring at me.

I then knew why.

All o Harry's gang and him were staring at us with smirks on their faces and their arms crossed.

Harry's eyebrow went up in amusement as he tsked.

My eyes widened and we took off down the hall once again.

"Nice going cheyann." Rosalie scoffed.

"Sorry blame my clumsiness."

We laughed a little and went to our classes.

"See you later chey."

"Bye rose." 

She then walked down to her class.

I sighed and proceeded into Ms. Jackson's room taking my seat.

I pulled out my stuff and started texting lina in till my pencil fell off my desk.

I sighed and got up walking over to in and bending over to grab it.

I had just grabbed it when someone grabbed my ass and squeezed it.

I jolted back up and spun around to find harry smirking cheekily.

"Damn you have a nice arse kitten."

That fucking pervert!

I threw my hand back then full ounce slapped the shit out of him making his head jerk to the side from the impact.

Thank god Ms. Jackson was out on a bathroom break. 

He grabbed the place I slapped him then slowly looked back at me with a pissed yet surprised expression.

I smiled at him then turned on my heel and strutted away back to my seat.

Harry was about to say something but Ms. Jackson walked in and the bell rung.

"Alright guys everyone settle, harry please take a seat."

Harry's eyes never left mine as he grunted and took his seat.

I was really uncomfortable.

"Ok today we will continue Romeo & Juliet, please remember next week we will be having a quiz on it so pay attention."

She then started the movie.

We were at the part when Juliet is on the balcony calling out to Romeo.

I was into the movie while also working on a new book for wattpad.

"You know kitten that wasn't very nice to embarrass me in front of everyone." He whispered through gritted teeth.

I rolled my eyes.

"Aww poor baby, what are you going to do?"

He growled sending chills and goosebumps all over my body. 

"You know your really pushing me kitten but...."

He leaned closer to my ear and chuckled a deep low chuckle then whispered.

"I like a good challenge."

He nipped at my earlobe and left a small peck on my neck before pulling away.

My body tingled just like our kiss but my eyes grew large. 

The goosebumps became easier to see but I never noticed.

I have to get out of here.


I raised my hand and mouthed bathroom to Ms. Jackson who nodded in return and wrote me a pass.

Thank god!

I got up and grabbed my pass as quick as I could.

Harry was smirking at me even as I left the room.


I walked to the bathroom and let my thoughts run loose.

What did he mean by "I like a good challenge?"

What is he planning?

Why can't he just leave me alone!?

I walked out of the stalls and washed my hands still thinking.

The door opened but I paid no thought to it, it was probably just some girl.

"Hey kitten."

I looked into the mirror and saw him.

Swiftly I turned around fear written all over my face.

"What the fuck are you doing in here!?" I shrieked.

He covered my mouth and pushed me against my sinks.

"Shh kitten, I just wanted to make sure my girl is ok."

"I'm not your girl harry, I'm a human being not a property to be owned."

He pulled me away from the sinks and pushed me against the bathroom stalls, an evil glint in his eyes and a smirk rested on his lips.

"Whether you like it or not kitten your mine and sooner or later you will have to give in."

I scoffed and tried to push him away but to no avail.

He chuckled at my failed attempts and leaned down to my neck where he started kissing and sucking till he found my sweet spot.

Don't moan.

Don't moan!


I moaned and not only that I moaned his name.

"Oh I like that kitten moan my name louder."

I tried once agin to push him off but still nothing.

He sucked harder making me moan louder.


He finally stopped and pulled away then attacked my lips.

I didn't kiss back and even tried struggling out of his grip.

He just chuckled into the kiss.

"When are you going to learn not to fight me kitten."

He brought his hand to my ass and squeezed making me gasp.

He took the opportunity and shoved his tongue 

Our tongues fought but he easily won.

We kissed for what seemed forever before he finally pulled away.

"That's my girl."

"I'm not your girl asshole now leave me alone!"

He released me and I took off out the door.

My cheeks were red and steaming hot.

God damn him!

A few periods passed and finally it's lunch time.

Me rosalie and lina have this lunch together. 

In the lunch line I told rosalie all that went down between me and harry.

"Wow he is one crazy mofo."


We picked up our food and walked to a table.

Just as I was about to eat the whole cafeteria got quiet.

We followed their stares to find harry and the boys walking in.

They walked slowly yet took big steps while they eyed every one.

What are they looking for?

Finally their eyes landed on us and smirks formed across their lips. 

They slowly approached us.

Niall stood behind rosalie while harry stood behind me resting his hands on my shoulders.

"Hey kitten, mind if we join you girls."

Everyone was back to talking by now.

I tried ignoring him and took another bite of my pizza.

He chuckled and leaned closer wrapping his arms around me.

"I will not repeat my self kitten or I will have to punish you." He whispered in my ear.

Wtf do I look like a fucking pet to him?

"Leave us alone god you fucking dick heads!" I hissed.

Him and the other boys just chuckled before he pulled out a chair and stood up on it.

Wtf is this boy doing?!?!

"Alright listen up!" He shouted.

Immediately everyone shut up and stared at harry.

"If anyone dares try to get with cheyann, lets just say I hope you have medical insurance, cheyann is mine and I will beat anyone who tries to take her from me, got me?!"

"Yes harry." Everyone in the cafeteria chanted.

He jumped off the chair with a pleased smirk on his face.

I on the other hand was stunned.

He just claimed me without even my consent.

I looked over at rosalie to find the same expression on her face.

Niall leaned down to her and started whispering something.

If possible her eyes grew even larger.

What did he say to her?

"I told you kitten I like a good challenge but I don't always play nice." Harry whispered into my ear while placing a kiss on my neck.

He then walked away his group tailing him.

I looked back over to rosalie to find her in the same position.

"What did he say to you rose?" 

She let out a shaky sigh before speaking up.

"He told me to meet him at his apartment after school."

"What if you don't?"

She looked down and spoke up.

"He said he'll find me and that he would have to punish me."

Harry said the same to me before, what is with these fucking boys.

"No don't meet him go to my house and stay there after school in till I get there, my mom and dad are going on vacation for a month to the Bahamas so they won't be there."

She smiled big and evilly.

"Perfect he'll never find me there."

Me and her got up and threw our trash away and started to leave sense now everyone was staring at us.

As we walked around we could hear the whispers.

Thank god the bell rang.

"Bye chey."

"See ya rose."

I walked to gym in a hurry hoping harry won't find me.

I walked into the girls locker room and immediately unlocked my locker.

I could hear girls looking at me and start whispering to their friends.

"Eww he wants her?"

"She's so ugly compared to his sexyness."

"Look at her she's such a fucking nerd."


I tried to ignore them and change but it just got worse.

"Look at her she's so fat."

I could feel the tears slide down my face.

I never wanted this and now I'm cursed with it.

Once I was done I left the locker room and went into the gym letting the tears fall down my cheeks.

Why me?

I wasn't paying attention and ran into someone.

"Oh I'm sorry."

I sniffled and looked up.

My eyes widened to see a very concerned harry and louis in front of me.

"Kitten what's wrong?"

I just pushed past him not wanting him to see me in at weak state.

Before I could get far he pulled me back and pushed me against the wall.

"Let me fucking go!"

"Tell me what's wrong then I will."

"You really want to know? I am being called ugly, fat, nerd, and a fucking whore now thanks to you!"

I once again pushed past him tears swelling up in my eyes again.

I heard harry sigh before him and louis took off out the door.

I have to say he was looking really hot in a tight grey wife beater and black gym shorts.

I sighed feeling a little guilty and decided to follow them.

I walked down the halls till I found them in the boxing room.

I sneaked in and into a seat.

Harry was in the ring with boxing gloves on punching the trainers pads with extreme force that could knock someone out with just one punch.

His tattoos moved with his muscles with every punch while his curls became drenched with sweat.

His green eyes focused on every movement he was making and his lips poked out showing off his lip ring.

His eyebrows were frowned in concentration but you could still see the glisten from his eyebrow piercing.

He looked so hot and perfect.

Finally the trainer put down the pads and harry rested his arms.

"Good god harry your punching weight is greater than anyone in this school besides your own friend louis."

Harry groaned and took off his gloves.

"Well then look for someone or I will just go back to the streets."

I looked at the time and decided it was time to leave.

As I opened the door it made a loud squeak.

Immediately everyone looked at me.

A smirk grew on harry's face before I finally took off back to the girls locker room and got changed.

The bell rang and I took off.

Two classes later and it was finally time to leave.

My last class is french and rosalie's is spanish so we meet up with each other.

I told her what happened in the gym.

Then harry walked up.

"Hello there rosalie and hello kitten." He grinned.

Rosalie did a small wave but I had other plans.

"Va te faire foutre harry."

I smiled in satisfaction.

But he just chuckled.

"Bien chaton c'est marrant parce que je parle aussi couramment le français."

My jaw dropped.

"Rose help me out here." I begged.

"Oh rosalie, niall is just down the hall I know you need to meet up with him so I could just shout for him to come down."

Her eyes widened and she shook her head before taking off out of school.

I huffed and looked back at harry.

"Tête bite."

He chuckled once again.

"Only for you kitten, by the way need a ride home?"

"No just stay away god!"

I then walked out of school.

About half way home I heard foot steps from behind me.

I thought it was harry until I remembered harry has a car.

Before I could start to run something grabbed me and pulled me into a dark alley way.

I was pushed against a wall and finally got to see my capturer.

It was......




"Well hello to you too cheyann."

I stared at him in complete fear.

"Aww no one to help you now sweet cheeks but I promise I'll make you feel real good."

He then started ripping off my shirt.


He growled and pulled a gag out of his pocket then placing it in my mouth tying it around my head to make it stay there.

He then tied my hands together.

"There now the only thing I will hear for you is your moaning."

He then ripped off my jeans and shoes.

I was sobbing and screaming really hard.

His hands reached into my underwear and started rubbing there.

I moaned out making him grin evilly.

He ripped off my bra and under wears at the same time still rubbing me.

I cried out in tears and in forced pleasure.

He started pulling off his own clothes and pushing them to the side.

I could hear his zipper being undone.

He still rubbed me harder and faster now forcing me into moaning louder.

He was kissing roughly at my neck nipping at the skin.

"Say who owns you." He demanded as he rubbed faster.


He growled but it soon turned into an evil smirk.

"Oh yeah well I'll just force it out of you."

He continued to rub and inched closer and closer to me.

I was crying hard I didn't like this forced pleasure.


I opened my eyes to find harry running up and knocking Alex right off of me.

He kicked him multiple time and punched him hard.

He was literally beating him to death.

I squealed making harry immediately stop.

He walked over to me and took out the gag and untied my wrists.

He slipped his jacket off and put it around me as he handed me my under wear and bra.

My other clothes were ruined.

I slipped on both items then slipped on his jacket.

I looked back up at harry and flew into his arms crying my heart out.

"Shhh kitten I'm here."

He lifted me up and put me into his car then taking off.

"I'm going to take you to my place ok kitten?"

I just nodded to weak to protest.

Then I fell into a deep sleep.


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