Good Girls Go Bad

Cheyann was a good girl.

No parties.

Loves school.

No Bf.

But all of that changes when the new kids come.

Harry Styles.

The leader of his gang with his friends Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam.

When harry spots little Cheyann his heart spirals out of control.

The Bad Boy falling for the Good Girl?

He hatches a plan to make Cheyann and her two friends, Lina and Rosalie like them.

Will they fall for the bad boys?

Or will they stick to their guns?


1. Chapter 1

Cheyann's P.O.V

"Did you hear about the new kids?"

"Yeah, I saw them they are super fucking sexy."

"I hear they are so bad they were kicked out from their old school in England."

"They are in the gang, The Infernal and one if them is the leader."

"They are dangerous, have you seen what they did in England!"

"They all have been to jail over 5 times."

The halls of Cypress Creek were filled with the talk about the new kids.

From what I've heard I know to stay far away from these boys.

The Infernal is well known in America as well in England in fact everyone is terrified of them.


I looked up from my iPod to see my two crazy besties Rosalie and Lina.

We've been friends sense kindergarten but my dad thinks Lina is a bad influence, because she is less innocent then Rosalie.

We all have great grades in school but were not nerds we are just your everyday girls.

"Hey girls, what's up?"

"Did you hear about The Infernal coming?" Lina asked.

"Who hasn't I mean it's pretty hard not too."


The doors to the front of the school swung open with a tremendous amount of force, making everyone in the hallway jump and look.

Five boys all covered in tattoos and piercings walked in.

Everyone went silent, not one person made a sound.

The five of them scanned everyone in the room, an evil glare in their eyes before starting to walk. As they walked past everyone they sent warning glares sending fear into whoever.

But as they passed us the one in the front, the leader, looked dead at me.

He had chocolate brown curly hair, green eyes that pierced into my blue ones with a dark evil glint, pale pink colored lips with a single silver piercing, a very muscular torso hidden by his tight white shirt and leather jacket, but I could tell his arms had to be covered in tattoos.

I have to say he was very attractive.

A smirk slipped onto his lip as if he read my mind before he walked away with his gang.

"Wow." I whispered.

Once they turned the corner everyone relaxed.

The halls were once again filled with students talking but this time about different subjects.

"They look so amazingly sexy!"

Lina dramatically fell back onto the lockers fanning herself Rosalie and me giggle.

"That may be so but did you see how everyone was scared of them?" I asked still staring down the hall.

"But that blonde one though." Rosalie said.

We laughed.

Then both of them turned to me, smirks playing on their faces.


"Girl you know you like at least one of them." Lina said as she gave me the look.

"Fine, the curly haired one is pretty hot but come on that's The Infernal!"

"Yeah, but did you see the way he looked at you? I think a certain leader has a thing for you." Rosalie teased.

I rolled my eyes at her."Yeah, not a chance."

"Hey ladies."

Alexander Durring a cocky jock, quarterback of the football team, has been hitting on me for ages and his two buddies Brandon and Jarrod has things for Rosalie and Lina, walked up to us smirking.

"How's my girl this morning, huh?" Alexander said as he looked me up and down.

I scoffed.

"Alex I am not your girl and never will be."

I tried to leave but he shoved me back into the lockers.

"Cheyann!" Rosalie and Lina shouted and tried to help me but was also shoved back into the lockers.

"Where do you think your going?" Alexander whispered seductively into my ear.

"Let me go and get the fuck away from me!" I tried to struggle and fight but he just chuckled at my failed attempts.

"Let . Her. Go"

Alexander's and mines heads snapped over to find the curly haired boy and his gang looking pissed as hell.

"Who the fuck are you?" Alexander scowled.

"The boy who's about to beat your fucking ass if you don't let her go." His green eyes were darkened to almost a black color as he glared at Alexander with a tremendous amount of evil and his voice dripping with hatred.

"Psh yeah right go and run back to England cause you and you little fucking gang don't scare me." Alexander sneered then turned his attention back to me.

Before he could try anything else he was pried off of me and thrown to the ground.

The boy punched alexander in the face so many times I lost count after twenty. Then he stopped, his hand covered in Alexander's blood and got back up to standing.

He glared down at Alexander's bloody face then gave him one good kick in the ribs.

"STOP, that's enough I think he got it!" I shouted, catching the boy's attention.

I walked a little closer to the dangerous boy, a pleading look attached to my face. He sighed as he looked into my blue fearful eyes.

"Niall take him out back." He growled, his eyes never leaving mine.

The blonde boy, Niall smirked and began dragging Alexander away.

The boy looked away from me real quick, to look over at Alexander's friends.

"Anyone else?"

Both Brandon and Jarrod shook their heads as fast as they possibly could, fear present upon their faces then they turned and ran.

His green eyes once again found mine, staring into them, reading them as if they were a book.

"T-Thanks." I stuttered, nervous of being so close to the dangerous boy.

He smirked taking my hand in his, bringing it up to his lips and kissing it ever so gently.

"No problem, the little fucker deserved it anyways."

Niall walked back with both hands bloody, and a smirk resting on his lips. A lump formed in my throat at the thought of what he did to alexander.

Harry gave my hand on last kiss before backing up and turning to the boys. With a single nod they all turned and started walking away until I shouted."Wait!"

They stopped but didn't turn around.

"What's your names?"

They turned around slowly, all of them smirking at me and the girls. The but the leader spoke up first.

"The names Harry, that's Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn."

He pointed to each of the boys. When he finished he looked back at me still with a smirk on his face.

"What's your name kitten?"

I looked down at my feet and spoke up. "Cheyann."

"And you two?" He pointed to Lina and Rosalie.



They were still both in shock.

"Well we have to split kitten, but don't worry you'll be seeing us a lot more very soon."

With that harry gestured with his head and they all turned and left.

The late bell had rang breaking us out of our trances.

Shit I've never been late.

"Bye girls!"


We all ran to our classes. I finally reached my first period, English. Ms. Jackson was a really nice a teacher I really could call a friend.

"Cheyann I'm surprised." She was at the front of the room already starting the lesson.

"I'm sorry I got held up this morning."

She smiled.

"It's fine I'll let you off sense your never late." I smiled back at her and walked to where my seat was.

As I approached it I noticed someone had taken the seat behind me. Walking a little faster I finally saw who it was.


He was smirking at me as I took my seat in front of him.

"Nice to see you again kitten."

Chills went down my spine making him chuckle.

"Guys this is our new student Harry, Cheyann can you catch him up on where we are at?"

I nodded and turned to him.

"We are in the middle of poetry, we are about to start watching Romeo and Juliet."

"Romeo and Juliet, a story of a bad boy meeting the good girl?" His smirk widened as he winked at me.

"In a way yeah I guess it is." I smiled at him showing off my dimples and turned back around. The movie had began so the whole room became quiet.

Through the time we started till class ended I could feel Harry's eyes on me. When the bell rang I picked up my stuff and walked over to Ms Jackson's desk. Harry winked at me before walking out.

"Oh does Cheyann have an admirer?" She raised an eyebrow at me. I smiled blushing a little.

"She does!" She pulled me into a hug making me laugh.

"Yeah but I don't know he's got a reputation."

"Really, what is it?"

"Umm well he's the leader of The Infernal."

Her smiled dropped.

"Oh darling please be careful with him, I know that he's attractive but he can hurt you and I do not want to see a beautiful girl like you hurt."

I smiled at her.

"Thanks Ms Jackson I will be careful, see you tomorrow."

"Bye sweetie."

As I made my way down the hall, everyone said hi to me. I'm not popular I'm just really nice to people. As I was about to pass by an abandoned classroom someone grabbed and pulled me in. I was about to scream but a hand shot to my mouth.

"Shh don't scream kitten."

The anger boiled inside me, I knew exactly who it was.


The late bell rang and everyone was in there classes. He uncovered my mouth and spun me around to face him, his eyes glowing beautifully but they still had the hint of evil in them. That's what frightened me.

"Why the fuck did you snatch me from the hallway?" I hissed, pissed that he just made me miss my second period class.

"Oh being a feisty little kitten are we now? I like it." He winked at me. I scoffed and was about to say something else until the door opened. In came Niall and Zayn holding Rosalie and Lina.

"Let me go, do I look like a fucking rag doll to you? You can't just pull me into places like this, THIS IS CUDDLE WITH A STRUGGLE!" Lina squealed as she struggled to get free from Zayn's powerful grip. Zayn chuckled and sat her down in a desk.

Harry picked me up and brought me over to the desk way in the front, right in front of a teachers desk then sat me down. But I didn't stay there. I got up and tried running off until Harry once again grabbed me.

"LET ME GO!" I protested but all I got was a chuckle in return.

"Who the hell do you think you are? Get your fucking hands off me!" Rosalie shouted. Niall sat her down in the desk at the way back of the room. Liam and Louis came in soon after and locked the doors behind them. Harry sat in the teacher desks and propped his feet up on top.

"So ladies your probably wondering why I had brought you all here." He spoke with a huge smirk on his face.

"No I'm not wondering I'm actually really enjoying bonding with you guys...OF COURSE WERE WONDERING CURLY BITCH, MY GOD YOUR A DUMBASS!" Lina screamed sarcasm dripping from every word. Harry's facial expression dropped to a frown while his eyes grew dark and evil, he then got up and walked over to Lina's desk. In one quick motion harry slammed his fist down onto her desk making a loud boom echo throughout the room, lina jumped at the sudden impact.

"YOU WANNA BE A LITTLE BITCH AND SCREAM AT ME? FINE BUT DON'T BE SURPRISED WHEN I SCREAM BACK!" His voice boomed into Lina's face making her cower down.

"Okay man chill the fuck out, I think she got you." Zayn mumbled to harry.

Harry glared at Zayn then turned around, catching me staring. I quickly turned back in my seat and stared at the front of the room hoping he didn't see me but it was too late.

Slowly he walked over to my desk chuckling. His hands rested on my shoulders while his lips moved down to my ear.

"What about you kitten, have something to say?"

I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck. After his reaction to Lina's comment I rather not piss him off even more.

"N-N-No." I stuttered. He chuckled once again and move back to his desk.

"As I was saying I have brought you three here because well let's just say you all caught our attention and our interest the most."

We all looked at him confused. What does he mean?

"What do you mean?" Rosalie asked first. Harry and all the boys smirked.

Harry opened a drawer to the desk and pulled out three folders with our names on them. It was our school information.

"H-H-How did you g-get those?" I stuttered while staring at the documents resting in his hands. Harry chuckled while shaking his head.

"Oh kitten we have our ways of getting what we want trust me."

He got up and moved to my desk taking out my folder and opening it up.

"Cheyann Marie Harris, perfect grades, scholarship for Full Sail university for creative writing, perfect attendance, and not a referral nor detention in sight, so kitten you like to write stories?" He stood in front of me grinning waiting for my answer.

"Umm Y-Yeah."

"Ah very nice." He smirked once again which was really pissing me off.

He then left me and moved to lina.

"Lina Andrea Hastings, perfect grades, a referral for fighting, and a almost perfect attendance, but what's this some home trouble?"

Lina's face dropped to a pained look. I knew her home problems. Her mom is always either in jail or clubbing and she sometimes tries to hurt lina, her dad isn't in her life at all.

Next harry moved to rosalie.

"Rosalie Michelle Knight, perfect grades, a few detentions and perfect attendance."

He then closed the folder and made his way back to the front.

"You three really caught our attention, and well whenever we want something we have it no if ands or buts about it."

My face scrunched up and I was about to say something but lina beat me to it.

"Well guess what?! You can't have us cause one we aren't fucking property that you can own and two we don't like y'all, I'm outtie."

Before she could get up zayn pushed her back down.

"Let me go you fucking bastered!"

"Ah, ah, ah you haven't let me finish lina." Harry cooed.

Lina put on a fake smile and sarcastically replied. "Oh do tell harry I'd love to know what else you stalked us on."

Omfg she must have a serious death wish, has she forgotten that he is the leader of The Infernal?!

I could tell she was really pushing his patience as he replied through gritted teeth. "Actually I think it'd be better to explain to you three about how The Infernal works."

My eyes widened, and my throat grew very dry. He looked at me and chuckled evilly.

"The Infernal took over the entire country of England and Ireland, no one fucked with us or else they were found dead the next day."

Harry looked up at me and smirked when he saw the fear in my eyes.

"Everyone was and is terrified of us, even other gangs."

My eyes widened and went straight to Harry's who winked back at me.

That would make them older right? I mean a couple of teenagers can't do all that damage.

"We moved here so we can establish and conquer more land, more people being afraid and bowing down to every word we say, and so far it's working out very well. In fact we've pretty much scared every single soul in Florida with our presence."

"But aren't y'all only 18, how do you control such a big gang?" I questioned nervously. This made harry laugh.

"You know I had a feeling this question would come up, our real ages are 20, 21, and 22 but we faked our ages to be 18."

My heart stopped.

They are all in there twenties!

Rosalie was staring ahead trying not to fall for niall's smirk.

Lina just scoffed at the whole thing.

"Wow twenties and y'all fucking perverts looking to get some at a high school? Smooth and again shall I say PERVERTS!"

Zayn's face dropped a little but before we could see anymore he walked into the teachers office.

All attention snapped back to harry as he clapped sarcastically.

"Congrats lina you just reached a whole new level of bitch."

Guilt filled lina as she looked back at the little office. She sighed.

"Fine i'll go check on him."

She got up and walked into the small office.

Ok now it's my turn to talk.

"Okay obviously we aren't going to bow down to your every god damn order, so leave us the fuck alone and go find some sluts that might actually want you!"

Harry walked over to me and playfully pouted.

"Aww that's to bad kitten cause you guys don't have a choice, you three will bow down and not only that but you three will be ours."

"Okay one STOP CALLING ME KITTEN and two Never."

Harry just chuckled at my attempts to be tough. Then we heard zayn shout.


Oh crap lina hates it when people scream at her thanks to her bitch ass of a mother.

"YOU KNOW WHAT ZAYN FUCK YOU, I JUST WANTED TO APOLOGISE BUT FUCK IT NOW!" Lina screamed back. Everyone including rosalie got up and ran to the two, except for me.

I took the opportunity and hauled ass out of the classroom.

With harry and his boys distracted I can go find a dean and save lina and rosalie.

I was half way to the office when one arm wrapped around my waist and the other covered my mouth.

"Trying to escape from me kitten?"

Harry dragged me into the gym locker rooms and pushed me up against the lockers. He pinned me there with his chest as his hands started messing with the belt loop on my pants. His eyes showed a dark twisted evil in them. I tried to push him away but it was not use.

"Your too weak to fight me kitten, so don't waste you time trying."

I stopped, and panted.

"Now come with me kitten."

He backed away from me but grabbed my hand. He forced me out to the parking lot and to his car where I finally found my voice.

"Oh fuck no I am not skipping school!"

"Come on kitten live a little for once."


He glared at me then threw me over his shoulder. I kicked, punched and even screamed but there was no escaping him.

He put me in the passenger seat and buckled me in then got into the drivers side and took off.

I kept my focus on the window, thoughts running through my mind.

What does he plan to do with me?

What if he rapes me?

What if he hurts me?

I was terrified.

Harry must have noticed my tense state and put his hand down on my thigh.

"Calm down kitten I promise I won't do anything to you, I just want to show you what it's like to be bad for once."

I sighed and moved his hand off my thigh. Just then I got a text from rosalie.

From:Rosalie <3

To:Cheyann :D

Where are you? Me and lina made it back to class but no you!

I was about to text back when harry took my phone.


He smirked instead.

"Aw is my little kitten getting mad at me?"

"Yes, now give me my phone back you fucking bastard!"

"You'll get it back when you decide to stop being a little bitch." He shoved my phone into his back pocket and continued to drive.

I had to hold back the tears, I didn't want to let him see me cry. I took off my bag pulling out my favorite candy. Strawberry and cream hard candy. I unwrapped a piece and popped it into my mouth.

Harry took out a pack of Newport cigarettes lighting one up before taking a nice long drag.

My nose crinkled at the nasty smell. He saw my look of disgust and laughed. His lip ring moved along with his lips as his dimples came out. He was so hot when he actually smiled.

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