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  • Published: 21 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 25 Jun 2014
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~A girl once told me to be careful when trying to fix a broken person For you may cut yourself on their shattered pieces~


5. This Time Today

Diana's POV


My thoughts stilled.


Everything by me was a blur.


I focused in on the feeling that brought me bittersweet contentment.


I do this to myself.


I have no one to blame.


As I sit here in the filled tub with once clear water that now runs crimson, I can't help but think of who I am today. As I feel my presence slip from me for a brief moment, I can't help but think of who I am today.


I want there to be a time when I think of who I'll be tomorrow. Enough of today. Because in this time today, I let my feelings flood out from within through pain.


I can't help but think of who I am today.


Liam's POV


I was sitting in my flat looking out the window just listening to the rapping of the raindrops lightly hitting the transparent closure. I kept on replaying of what had happened earlier today. Thinking of how she's not afraid of speaking her mind. Her eye of coordination and awareness of what goes on around her.


I'm hoping that we'll see each other more often in the future. I'm too interested in her to let her get away.


I walked over to my bookshelf and grabbed one of my favorite books to read. I sat back down at the table and began on where I had left off.


I was about 15 minutes into reading when I had this feeling to just look back out my window. So I did. At first there was nothing but I kept my gaze fixed in hopes that something would arise. The occasional car had passed and the few pedestrians had walked by briskly trying to find shelter now that the rain was coming down harder. But one person in particular had caught my eye.


The red hair was so contrast to the darkness of the environment that I had no choice but to look at her. At first it was out of admiration, but that soon turned to curiosity when she stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and sat down.


I was waiting for her to get up but she never did. Some minutes had passed and I decided that I would go out there and ask her just exactly what she was doing. That was, until she got back up again.


By now I was standing up and looking out the window, ready to jump to the scene if anything would happen. I was a bit relieved and yet disappointed that she was back on her way.


I was about to turn back to my previous occupation when her figure slumped over and fell to the ground.


I was immediate to react and was out on the sidewalk in seconds. I ran over to her body and as gentle as possible, I picked her up bridal style and carried her back inside.


I kicked the door open with my foot and made my way towards the couch setting her gently on it. I left and came back with a pillow and blanket for her. I swiftly lifted her head up and slid the pillow underneath and wrapped the blanket around her.


I sat down on the coffee table directly across from her and looked at the broken girl in front of me. Scenarios played out in my head of what could've happened to her that made her this way.


They were short lived when her arm slipped from under the blanket, showing off self inflicted pain. Scars. Old and fresh.


Maybe this is what she was talking about. Her not being perfect until I would look at the message she leaves on her own skin.


If she thinks I would look at her any differently than before, she would be so wrong. Because in this time today do I not only think that she's beautiful, but do I also think that she's a fighter.


She's a warrior.



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