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  • Published: 21 Sep 2013
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~A girl once told me to be careful when trying to fix a broken person For you may cut yourself on their shattered pieces~


4. Reflecting

Liam's POV


After my encounter with the beauty, who I had found out is Diana, I had been thinking over everything I could have said. I must be in over my head since that was our first interaction. I didn't see her at the park on Sunday though. Actually, her presence rarely encounters that place on Sunday.


It's driving me mad that my mind is letting me be this imaginable on getting to know somebody I barely know. This isn't like me. In a way, I feel drawn to her. Like there is something underneath her surface that's drowning and calling for help. Something that's trying to break through but other things are restraining it. Like she's trying to be herself but maybe the environment around her (also known as society) isn't letting her.


In a world like this, people would rather die than be who they are.


Today instead of walking by the park, I had decided I would take part in sitting myself under the only tree there.


I thought it would be the perfect time to work on some of my online school work considering it was a Monday. I'm taking my college classes online since I couldn't afford to go to an actual college. I don't think my tips at the cafe could really handle that anyways.


I was busy reading about quantum theory when my eyes had started to get tired. I agreed with them and had averted my gaze elsewhere. I put my textbook away and took out my sketchbook and decided to draw what my eyes are taking in.


Not too much later, did I see that red hair being picked up in the autumn wind. This time it was her walking by the park and not stopping. I had one good look at her and her image was fresh in my mind. I started on her hair and the red shade that she had pulled off.


I looked back up and we made slight eye contact. I quickly looked back down at my work but it was too late. In my peripheral vision, I could see her make her way over to me. The sound of her distressed jeans rubbing against each other only progressed as she moved forward and closer to me.


She stopped right beside me and sat down slightly brushing against my arm.


"Hey Liam." She said as she crossed her legs. My lips molded into a grin at the sound of my name and at the thought that she had remembered it.


"Hi." I took a quick glance at her and immediately saw red. Her flannel, her tank top, her beanie, and slightly her hair. Personally, I don't like red. But, maybe I could change that.


"So what are you doing here sitting under a tree reading a boring textbook for? Do you even know how much adventure is out there right now?"


I chuckled at her enthusiasm. Something else I could admire about her.


"Well actually I was drawing. But I kinda have to do this for school. Don't you go?" I asked turning towards her and swiftly covering my drawing of her hoping that she hadn't seen it.


"Pshh. School? I dropped out my Junior year." I was a bit confused and shocked at how nonchalantly she had said that but I'm learning more and more about her.


"What? Why? I-if you don't mind me asking."


"I didn't think I was smart enough and I got bored of it. No big deal." She said shrugging her shoulders.


'No big deal' she says.


She looked at me for a bit and then looked straight ahead just admiring what's in front of her. I did the same too and soon enough, silence had engulfed us. But it wasn't uncomfortable or uneasy. It felt..right. I closed my eyes enjoying the peaceful moment. They opened back up when her soothing voice rung out.


"You know, you're really interesting to me. I don't know what it is. You just are. You're so quiet. I like that."


My insides felt warm at her comment and I felt like I had to return it.


"Can I be honest with you? I think the same way. To me you are interesting. More than interesting really. And in some ways I wish I could be like you. Having no worries and just living in the moment."


She didn't say anything. She just stuck her hand in her brown satchel and pulled out a brick red colored pencil. She extended her arm over me and grasped my sketchbook. I didn't want to stop her, too curious as to what she would be doing.


She flipped through the book until she stopped at what she had wanted to find. She started stroking the pencil up and down very lightly until she was satisfied with her work. She had kept the image hidden from me leaving me wondering as to what she had drawn.


"If you're going to draw me, at least get my hair color right." She stood up and handed me my sketch pad back. My face was probably one of shock and embarrassment. She bent down to grab her bag and gave me a slight wave and headed off. My eyes never losing focus of her petite figure.


I looked back down at the page and noticed that her hair was perfectly colored in. On the bottom though, there was a message in her handwriting.


Before you think I'm perfect, just look at my wrists.




Guys, I am so amazed at how people are responding to this book. I would have never thought that it would get good reviews. You guys are just giving me such motivation to update. Thank you. I just wish that I knew how to do a trailer for this :/





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