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  • Published: 21 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 25 Jun 2014
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~A girl once told me to be careful when trying to fix a broken person For you may cut yourself on their shattered pieces~


7. Morning Dew

Liam's POV


I woke up with a sharp pain going straight through my neck. That's what usually happens whenever I sleep on the couch. I slept on the other one so I could make sure that Diana was comfortable and if she needed anything then I could be an easy access for her.


I looked over at the couch that she was sleeping on and had found it empty. She wasn't kidding when she said that she had to leave in the morning. Early might I add since the sun is just rising.


I walked over to the kitchen and a note on the counter had caught my eye. It was in Diana's handwriting.


Dear Liam,


I can't thank you enough for letting me stay here over night and taking me in. I would've stayed longer just to hear your voice but there's too much adventure out there that I'm missing out on even writing you this letter. When I'm in the area again I'll make sure to keep an extra eye out just for you.


xx Diana


P.S I tried to make you some pancakes..but I burnt them. And I ate one. (sorry!)


I looked down on the counter to find a deep brown colored pancake. A single pancake. I laughed at her attempt and kindness and decided to put it in the fridge.


I sighed looking around trying to find something to do now that I was up. I went back to my room and got changed. I went to grab my phone from the nightstand next to my bed when the only photo promptly sitting there had caught my eye. That photograph never failed to bring warmth back to my heart.


It was of me and my younger sister laying down on a hammock. I was only 16 in that photo and she was only 14. I protected her like any older brother would. My attempt was feeble considering she wasn't with me anymore.


About 2 years after that picture was taken, she committed suicide. I didn't only lose my little sister, but my best friend. Of course I blamed myself for it thinking I could've done something to prevent it. I still haven't realized that I couldn't. I'm waiting for that weight off of my shoulders to be lifted and have that closure that I need to know that it wasn't my fault.


But it never came.


I let out a slow breath and found my way back to the living room. I walked over to the balcony door and slid it open letting myself outside to the thin atmosphere that had dropped considerably low. I could see my breath as I sat down on the chair out there and crossed my legs.


I sit out here some days just to clear my head and think of my next steps in life. But as I watch the morning dew dissipate away off of the grass blades, I can't help but compare my life to the grass. The morning dew always leaves them earlier than wanted.


Like the many things I love in my life.


Diana's POV


I had finally reached the field that I always sit on in the morning. I sat down and felt my bottom get damp as the wet grass came into contact with me.


I come out here for inspiration for the things I write. Poems. The one thing that I'm proud of myself for.


In the morning is when I see nature cry

Her tears are cold and caress what's underneath.

They bring reality to the eye when nature leaves that gentle kiss

So tender and careful.

This morning dew reflects what I see in myself.

I'm glad it leaves when the light shines bright.



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