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  • Published: 21 Sep 2013
  • Updated: 25 Jun 2014
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~A girl once told me to be careful when trying to fix a broken person For you may cut yourself on their shattered pieces~


11. Irresistable

Liam's POV


I can't believe I let her go like that. Like it was nothing when it clearly was. I don't know how much longer I can go through this. Is it even worth it? Yes. Because I could be the potential savior to a girl who thinks her life is nothing but broken dreams. How come she can't realize that I'll be the one to mend it back together? How come she can't see that there is someone out there who loves her?


Yes. I am denying it no longer. I am in love. In love with someone who can't even love them self. Maybe I can be the one to open her eyes so she can realize just how beautiful she really is. That's all I've ever wanted; was to make somebody feel like they belong. I never felt that when I was younger. I felt as if I was just an outcast, that's what other people made me feel. I vowed never to make anybody else feel that way.


I got off the bed and made my way back to the living room where Harry was still sleeping. I walked over to him and slapped him on the side of the face just for laughs. He groaned and jolted awake, taking in his surrounds along the way.


"What time is it?" He mumbled in a morning voice. I looked behind myself to the wall clock in the kitchen.


"About 12:30." His eyes widened at my statement and he ruffled his hair quickly getting off of the couch.


"Ugh. Why didn't you wake me up earlier? I have a date soon!"


I scoffed at this. "A date? With who?" I was curious to know since he wasn't really the "date" type. But he wasn't the one night stand type either. He just simply never dated.


"Can't say. I want it to be a surprise and I want you to meet her properly. Niall wants to do the same. Maybe we can all go out on a date. Like a triple date! Me and Niall could go with our mystery girls and you could go with...Diana." he said the last part with a lot less enthusiasm. I could only guess that he could sense that something happened between us.


"That's fine. But does it have to be with Niall?" It's not that I didn't like him, I just was never really that comfortable with him. Him and Harry became friends when they went to college together. Harry just never seemed to introduce us properly so we would always meet in awkward situations.


"Why not? You two could become closer." He said shrugging while changing into another shirt. "But seriously though, I really got to get going. Hope things get better with you and Diana. See ya." And like that he was out the door.


This interval of solitude allowed me time to think everything over. Maybe I should just forget her. Or maybe I can play it cool like she never really affected me in the first place. Maybe I can pretend like I don't care.


Maybe I should become a total jerk. I might as well if I ever think like that. I can't psych myself out. No matter how hard I try I will always find my way back to her.


There's something about her that makes me want to know more. Something that I crave. I can't get enough. She's irresistible.


My phone buzzed in my pocket.


I'm sorry.



And yet, I need to know more.


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