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  • Published: 21 Sep 2013
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~A girl once told me to be careful when trying to fix a broken person For you may cut yourself on their shattered pieces~


21. Dear Diana

Liam's POV


It's been six days since the funeral. I counted. Harry has been there for every single one of those days making sure I was okay. He tried multiple times to get my mind to drift somewhere else so I wouldn't drown in my deepest thoughts. He knew I was the kind to dwell on everything and let it swallow me whole. He's been there when I've fallen in my deepest depressions and I know he doesn't want to see me go back.


It's just hard not to.


Not many people showed up to the funeral. It was mainly me, Harry, Niall, Kriss, Scarlett, and the neighbors that found her. And yet her casket seemed to be decorated in the most flowers I've ever seen at a funeral, all caused by me. It saddens me immensely knowing that the only way to show my love for her anymore is not by holding her or whispering the words in her ear, but by grieving and the stream of tears.


The only thing I'm holding onto anymore is remembrance. 


I've shut myself out from the world and locked myself inside my own comfort of a home. I use the term "home" loosely as I now see it as a box of reflecting and regret. There is no escaping it. For the longest time I didn't know what could help me in the slightest. I tried thinking back to the time when I felt this way when this happened with my sister. I then remembered that some closure always did me good.


Closure was something that I needed.


I drove myself to the cemetery and took the well known path to, not one, but now two gravestones that I know I'll be seeing in the future quite frequently.


I thought it appropriate to put my love next to me dearest love. Looking at the two names, side by side, knowing that they were there for the same reasons, bewildered me to say the least.


I clutched at the note that was in my hand that I had written for my angel herself. I bent down and dropped the note before walking away. I couldn't bring myself to stay any longer. In her letter I had received a lengthy paragraph. In my letter for her I only stated three words. The three wrong words that I never wanted to hear myself say or even write.


Dear Diana,


I miss you.


Love Always,





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